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CSDMS Model Repository

CSDMS maintains a code and metadata repository for numerical models and scientific software tools. The CSDMS Model Repository, initialized in 2009, now holds over 300 open source models and tools.

To submit code to the Repository, follow the three-step process on the Contribute a Model page.

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All models

All models

Number of models: 234, Number of tools: 90, WMT compliant: 35, PyMT compliant: 17

Type: All of the models mentioned below

Terrestrial models

Terrestrial models

Number of models: 108, Number of tools: 80, WMT compliant: 11, PyMT compliant: 11

Type: Landscape evolution models, avulsion models, sediment transport models, advection diffusion models, ice sheet evolution models, lithospheric flexure models, groundwater models, surface water-quality models, water balance models, etc.

Coastal models

Coastal models

Number of models: 71, Number of tools: 10, WMT compliant: 11, PyMT compliant: 5

Type: Coastline evolution models, delta sedimentation models, tidal flat models, storm surge models, plume models, tubidity current models, stratigraphic models, wave refraction models, etc.

Hydrological models


Number of models: 78, Number of tools: 51, WMT compliant: 25, PyMT compliant: 5

Type: Hydrologic models, stream avulsion models, flow routing models, groundwater models, fluvial sediment transport models, etc.

Marine models


Number of models: 53, Number of tools: 8, WMT compliant: 4, PyMT compliant: 3

Type: Basin circulation models, gravity flow models, wave models, stratigraphy models, etc.

Geodynamic models

Geodynamic models

Number of models: 16, Number of tools: 1, WMT compliant: 1, PyMT compliant: 1

Type: Fault, lithospheric flexure, lithosphere deflection, Mantle Evolution Model, etc.

Ecosystem models

Ecosystem models

Number of models: 1, Number of tools: 1, WMT compliant: 1, PyMT compliant: 0

Type: Ecosystem models

Climate models

Climate models

Number of models: 14, Number of tools: 6, WMT compliant: 4, PyMT compliant: 1

Type: Climate models, weather models

Carbonates and Biogenics models

Laboratory movies

Number of models: 3, Number of tools: 4, WMT compliant: 1, PyMT compliant: 0

Type: Carbonate cyclicity model

Landlab components and models

Landlab models

Number of models: 7, Number of tools: 2, WMT compliant: 2, PyMT compliant: 4

Type: Earth surface processes models