Modeling Textbooks


CSDMS works with modelers in the community who have published relevant textbooks. If available, we keep the associated code in the model repository so that it is easy to get for faculty and students alike.
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Modeling Uncertainty in the Earth Sciences

Jef Caers
2011, John Wiley & Sons Ltd ISBN 978-119-99262-2

This textbook on Modeling Uncertainty by Jef Caers provides a broad overview of modeling uncertainty with a special emphasis on 3D subsurface characterization. It is not meant to be encyclopedic in its methods, but instead promotes conceptual thinking and provides tried and tested methods!

Mathematical Modeling of Earth’s Dynamical Systems: A Primer

Slingerland, Rudy and Kump, Lee
Princeton University Press, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-691-14514-3

The new textbook: “Mathematical Modeling of Earth's Dynamical Systems: A Primer” by Slingerland and Kump helps earth scientists build essential skills to represent Earth surface processes with mathematical and computational models. This book is for aspiring modelers; experience is not required!

Geomorphology: the mechanics and chemistry of landscapes

Anderson, Robert and Anderson, Suzanne
Cambridge University Press, 2010. ISBN: 978-0-521-51978-6

A must-have for anyone interested in learning about land surface processes. This textbook covers the spectrum of Earth's landforms: glaciers, to hillslopes, to rivers, to coasts. It challenges you to understand the landscape as a quantitative system, and shows what a predictive science geomorphology is. Real-world applications and relevant problems are well-chosen and help students toy with the presented concepts.

Quantitative Modeling of Earth Surface Processes

Pelletier, Jon D.
Cambridge University Press, 2008. ISBN: 9780521855976

This textbook describes effective and straightforward quantitative techniques for modeling Earth surface processes. State-of-the-art modules function as a set of simple but practical research tools. Detailed case studies demonstrate application of the methods to a wide variety of processes including hillslope, fluvial, aeolian, glacial, tectonic, and climatic systems. C routines are available through the CSDMS model repository. More ...

The Nile River and delta, Egypt. Image courtesy NASA Visible Earth (
1D Sediment Transport Morphodynamics with applications to Rivers and Turbidity Currents

Gary Parker
E-book, 2007

This textbook focuses on sediment transport and river dynamics. It has been developed as an online teaching resource, it has powerpoints for each chapter and associated Excel excercises. These are served at Gary Parker's ebook site, as well as on the CSDMS site. Below we list the ebook chapters along with links to the source code used within each chapter. The source code for all of the chapters is also available in a single tar file. More ...

Simulating Clastic Sedimentary Basins-Physical Fundamentals and Computing Procedures

Rudy L. Slingerland, K. Furlong and J. Harbaugh.
Prentice Hall, Englewood Clifs, NJ, 1994. ISBN:0138140545

This textbook describes basic fundamental sedimentary processes and shows how to simplify these processes into quantitative models. Processes reach over a range of scales and time domains; i.e. landscape evolution to bedload transport. All FORTRAN routines can be accessed through the CSDMS model repository. More ...