CSDMS meeting 2018

Presentations and more of the joined CSDMS - SEN 2018 annual meeting

Geoprocesses, geohazards - CSDMS 2018

May 22-24th 2018 in Boulder Colorado, USA


Thank You

On behalf of CSDMS, we thank the Keynote Speakers, Clinic Leaders, Session Chairs, Poster Session Presenters, members of the Executive and Steering Committees, and every participant who helped to make this a productive and successful meeting. Special thanks to the NSF PREEVENTS program manager Dr. Justin Lawrence for supporting this meeting.

White Paper

We are anticipating to submit the White Paper by end of July, 2018 to meet deadline of the National Academy of Sciences Committee that is just beginning the next decadal survey for the Earth Sciences. If you would like to contribute, please email CSDMS@Colorado.edu with the subject: White Paper no later then June 15th. The white paper will be published later here as well.

Special issue

We are pleased to announce that the open-access EGU journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) will work with us to publish the special issue: Advances in computational modeling of natural and geohazards. We now soliciting contributions for this NHESS special issue.


Click here to view the final agenda.


Keynote talks

Presented by Title
Brad Murray Welcome
Greg Tucker Introduction to the Natural Hazards Modeling WS
Justin Laurence NSF update on PREEVENTS program and more
Susan Cutter Social Vulnerability and Community Resilience to Natural Hazards: Models, Tools, and Practice
David George Modeling earth-surface flow hazards with D-Claw
Paul Bates Modelling flood risk in the continental US
Julio Hoffiman Mendes ImageQuilting.jl: A code for generating 3D stratigraphy from data collected in flume experiments
Rachel Glade Modeling blocky hillslope evolution in layered landscapes
Mike Willis Private Eyes are Watching You
Phaedra Upton Earthquake-induced landslides and landscape dynamics: The 2016 Kaikōura Earthquake and response
Chris Jenkins Scale- and Process-Jumps in a Multimodel Project on Hurricane Impacts at the Seabed
Jenny Suckale Multiphase instabilities and extreme events in different natural systems
Robert Weiss Simulating the tsunami hazard: quantitative predictions
Jannis Hoch GLOFRIM – A globally applicable framework for integrated hydrologic-hydrodynamic modeling
Joannes Westerink Storm surge model ADCIRC for risk assessment
Joel Johnson Using tsunami sediment transport experiments to improve paleohydraulic inverse models
Terry Idol Disasters: Increasing Interoperability for User-driven State-of-the-Art Data and Models


Presented by Title
Irina Overeem Permafrost Toolbox
Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN) Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN) - Wrangling your research data
Guy Schumann and Jeffrey Neal LISFLOOD-FP Clinic: Introduction to Flood Hazard Modeling
Steve Roberts and Mariela Perignon Hydrodynamic modeling using the open source package ANUGA
Mark Piper BMI Live!
Nicole Gasparini Landlab with Hydroshare
Katy Barnhart Model sensitivity analysis and optimization with Dakota and Landlab
Cam Wobus and Mark Lorie Physical and Socio-Economic Data for Natural Hazards
Doug Edmonds and Samapriya Roy An Introduction to using Google Earth Engine
Ethan Gutmann Making Use of Climate Model Output: Downscaling for Regional Applications
Chris Jenkins and Jeff Obelcz Forum on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: What lies ahead for Earth Surface Modeling?
Chris Sherwood How to make accurate digital elevation models using imagery from drones


NameAbstract titlePoster
Antolini, Federico A framework proposal for spatial distribution of small reservoirsAntolini CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Ashley, Thomas Statistical Bedload Modeling on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National ParkAshley CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Barnes, Richard Efficient Parallel Algorithms For Terrain Analysis
Best, Kelsea Machine Learning to Identify Drivers of Internal Migration in Coastal BangladeshBest2 CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Best, Üwe Modelling Wave Action, Surges, Morphodynamics and Vegetation Dynamics: Do Salt Marsh & Mangrove Fringe Coastlines Survive Sea Level Rise?Best CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Calhoun, Donna ForestClaw : A parallel, adaptive Cartesian grid library for problems in geophysical hazards modelinglink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/mediawiki/images/Calhoun CSDMS POSTER May2018.pdf
Callaghan, Kerry Coupled groundwater and surface water modelling to visualise lake extent and total terrestrial water storage under a changing climatelink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/mediawiki/images/Callaghan CSDMS POSTER May2018.pdf
Campforts, Benjamin Landslides in long term landscape evolution models
Chadwick, Austin Predicting the location of avulsion hazards on deltas in the face of changing discharge regimes and relative sea-level riseChadwick CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Chen, Yunxiang conduitFoam: a one-dimensional subglacial conduit modeChen CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Ciarletta, Daniel Long Term Risks: Novel Barrier Island Retreat Behaviors Arising from Increasing Rates of Sea Level RiseCiarletta CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Cohen, Sagy The Floodwater Depth Estimation Tool (FwDET)link=https://csdms.colorado.edu/mediawiki/images/Cohen CSDMS POSTER May2018.pdf
Davis, Brisa Targeted Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Tsunami Modeling Using Adjoint EquationsDavis CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Del Vecchio, Joanmarie Using relict Pleistocene geomorphology to inform future permafrost change
Duan, Jennifer Impact of Climate Change on Flood Frequency Curve: Santa Cruz River Case StudyDuan CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Ferdowsi, Behrooz Glassy dynamics of landscape evolutionFerdowsi CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Ferrier, Ken Transient relationships between chemical and physical erosion rates in regolith-mantled topography
Glade, Rachel Modeling the 2-D evolution of blocky landscapes: Coupled model designGlade CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Hoffimann, Julio ImageQuilting.jl: A code for generating 3D stratigraphy from data collected in flume experiments
Istanbulluoglu, Erkan A hydroclimatological approach to predicting regional landslide probability using LandlabIstanbulluoglu CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Janoff, Arye A Coastal Geo-economic Model: Property Protection, Federal Buyouts, and Managed Retreatlink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/mediawiki/images/Janoff_CSDMS_POSTER_May2018 .pdf
Kochanski, Kelly Statistical classification of self-organized snow surfacesKochanski CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Kolodin, Jesse Investigating Artificial Berm-Dune Management Along New Jersey’s Coastline Using a Coupled Geo-Economic ModelKolodin CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Kozlowski, Estanislao Multi-scale modelling of microbial lacustrine carbonates with Carbo-CAT and Mounds3D
Leonarduzzi, Elena Towards a landslide warning concept for Switzerland using rainfall thresholds and multi-scale hydrological modeling
Li, Jiao Embedding Seawall Models in Coastal Flooding Simulations
Li, Jin Influence of wave-induced currents on sediment transport and coral growth of atolls
Lyons, Nathan Coupled models of landscape and species evolution
Morris, Chloe The Coastline Evolution Model 2D (CEM2D)
Nienhuis, Jaap Can barrier islands survive sea level rise? Tidal inlets versus storm overwashNienhuis CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Obelcz, Jeffrey Towards a Quantitative Understanding of Parameters Driving Submarine Slope Failure: A Data Mining and Machine Learning ApproachObelcz CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Pfeiffer, Allison How do source-to-sink geomorphic processes mediate flood hazards? Using historical changes to inform predictions
Phillips, Colin Coupling fine particle transport, storage, and remobilization with sediment bed morphodynamicslink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/mediawiki/images/Phillips CSDMS POSTER May2018.pdf
Pérez-Hincapié, Ana María Comparative geomorphological analysis applied to the hazard assessment of debris flows in three watersheds of the Western Cordillera of ColombiaPerez CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Qin, Xinsheng Accelerating Block-Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) with GPUslink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/mediawiki/images/Qin CSDMS POSTER May2018.pdf
Qureshi, Huda A Sensitivity Analysis of the Effect of Parametric Wind Model Inputs on Hurricane Storm Surge Simulations
Schumann, Guy Integrating EO Data of Floods with a Hydrodynamic Event Model: Harvey 2017Schumann CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Shobe, Charles Modeling the 2-D evolution of blocky landscapes: Hillslope-channel interactionsShobe CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Sincavage, Ryan Deterioration of the eastern margin of the Colonia Glacier, northern Patagonia: the end of a glacially-dammed alpine lake?
Southard, Paul Impact of spring-associated riparian vegetation on channel morphology in ephemeral dryland channels: Henry Mountains, Utah, USA
Strom, Kyle A simple, single-size and time-dependent flocculation modelKuprenas CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Tang, Hui Physics-informed machine learning approach for predicting post-fire debris flows based on thresholds
Wang, Kang Effect of Enhanced Cold-Season Climate Warming on Permafrost TemperaturesWang CSDMS POSTER May2018.png
Wickert, Andrew Long-profile evolution of transport-limited gravel-bed rivers
Yanites, Brian Quantitative constraints on landslide frequency through the use of cosmogenic nuclides: a numerical modeling perspective

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