CSDMS 2018 annual meeting - Geoprocesses, geohazards

Forum on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: What lies ahead for Earth Surface Modeling?

Chris Jenkins

University of Colorado, Boulder, United States
Jeff Obelcz NRL, Stennis United States

[[CSDMS meeting abstract presentation::The CSDMS 2018 Annual Meeting will include a forum on the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as they may affect Earth Surface Dynamics Modeling in the future. The objective is to gauge the interest and existing expertise among the participants of the 2018 ‘Hazards’ meeting, with a view to perhaps forming a working group embedded in CSDMS.
AI and ML are already in use in our field, principally for landscape classification and data interpolation. But they are also already heavily established in predictive modelling for the weather, and for biological and socio-economic fields, for example. This forum attempts to look forward and see how these new developments may affect our science and application of that science. The relationship between AI&ML and process modeling is likely to be a special point of discussion.
The 2hour forum will include a series of lightning presentations, and printed plus online display materials. It will discuss whether to, and how to create a formal working group on the subject within the CSDMS community, and what the activities should be.

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  • Cyberinformatics and Numerics Working Group