CSDMS 2018 annual meeting - Geoprocesses, geohazards

Physical and Socio-Economic Data for Natural Hazards

Cam Wobus

ABT Associates, United States
Mark Lorie ABT Associates United States

In this workshop we will explore publicly available socioeconomic and hydrologic datasets that can be used to inform riverine flood risks under present-day and future climate conditions. We will begin with a summary of different stakeholders’ requirements for understanding flood risk data, through the lens of our experience working with federal, state and local clients and stakeholders. We will then guide participants through the relevant data sources that we use to inform these studies, including FEMA floodplain maps, census data, building inventories, damage functions, and future projections of extreme hydrologic events. We will gather and synthesize some of these data sources, discuss how each data source can be used in impact analyses; and discuss the limitations of each available data source. We will conclude with a brainstorming session to discuss how the scientific community can better produce actionable information for community planners, floodplain managers, and other stakeholders who might face increasing riverine flood risks in the future.

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Of interest for:
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group