2018 CSDMS meeting-050


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Targeted Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Tsunami Modeling Using Adjoint Equations

Brisa Davis, University of Washington Seattle Washington, United States. brisa.n.davis@gmail.com

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Tsunami modeling often combines the need for an ocean-wide simulation with the requirement that a small region of the coast (some community of interest) be simulated with a fine level of resolution (often ⅓ arcsecond, less than 10 meters). In the open ocean we might need 1-4 arcminute resolution, but only in regions that the waves have reached. This is addressed in the GeoClaw software package by using adaptive mesh refinement to place higher resolution grids around the waves based on where the water surface height is significant. We present a method of placing higher resolution grids when there is a small region of interest (say, a single coastal community) by using the adjoint equation. Advantages of this new method are presented, including reduced computational times and the capability to refine only the waves that will impact the specific community during a given time range of interest.