CSDMS meeting 2021

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Presentations and more of the CSDMS 2021 virtual annual meeting

CSDMS 2021: Changing Landscapes and Seascapes
Modeling for Discovery, Decision Making, and Communication

May 17-21th 2021 virtual in Boulder Colorado, USA

Thank You

Due to COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions, we had to have our meeting, CSDMS2021: Changing Landscapes and Seascapes virtual. So, many thanks for your patience and flexibility to make this work!

This year’s meeting will be broad in scope, showcasing modeling-oriented projects that range from fundamental geoscientific discovery to applied work involving stakeholders. A novel addition this year is the theme of communication: how do we effectively communicate our research to diverse audiences—students, stakeholders, decision-makers, the general public, and one another? How can models help with communication (e.g., visualization, gamification, “what if” scenario analysis)? We hope everybody enjoyed the meeting as much as we did. On behalf of CSDMS, we thank the Keynote Speakers, Clinic Leaders, Session Chairs, members of the Executive and Steering Committees, and every participant who helped to make this a productive and successful virtual meeting.

Below you can find most presentation abstracts and recordings.


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Keynote talks

PresenterTitle and links to additional material and recordings
Austermann, Jacky Integrating numerical models with co-production to understand sea level change and its impact around Greenland
Baart, Fedor Models in virtual environments and digital twins
Callaghan, Kerry Coupled Groundwater and Dynamic Lake Modelling using the Water-Table Model (WTM)
Camelo, Jeane Climate change impacts on hurricane storm surge risk
El Sawah, Sondoss Eight grand challenges in socio-environmental systems modelling
Janoff, Arye From Coastal Retreat to Seaward Growth: Emergent Behaviors from Paired Community Beach Nourishment Choices
Lempert, Robert Good Decisions Without Good Predictions: Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty
Nudurupati, Sai S. Modeling transient Ecosystem Response to Climate Variability since Late Pleistocene using Landlab
Ogden, Fred L. Next Generation Water Resources Modeling Framework: Opportunities for Community Involvement
Ortiz, Aleja Atolls & Ecogeomorphology: Investigating the feedbacks between physical, anthropogenic, and ecological processes under changing climates via remote sensing, computational modeling, and fieldwork
Passalacqua, Paola Grid or subgrid? Analysis of river systems under change at the intersection of modeling and high resolution data analysis
Perez, Fernando Jupyter Technology
Pfeiffer, Allison Modeling bed material abrasion at the basin scale: why the classic approach fails us
Salles, Tristan A geomorphic perspective on Quaternary biogeographic connectivities across South East Asia
Tucker, Greg Introduction for the CSDMS 2021 annual meeting


PresenterTitle and links to additional material and recordings
Baart, Fedor Digital Twins in Earth Sciences
Batchelor, Rebecca Inclusive Mentoring
Bovy, Benoît Building Interactive Dashboards for Earth Surface Processes Modeling with Python and Jupyter
Campforts, Benjamin Looking Under the Hood: Landscape Evolution Modeling with TerrainBento and Landlab
Edmonds, Doug An Introduction to using Google Earth Engine
Gan, Tian CSDMS@HydroShare: find, access, operate and couple data-model integration tools for reproducible research
Gasparini, Nicole Do the work: Building a more equitable research unit
Jenkins, Chris Training Datasets for Modeling with AI across the Deep-Ocean Seafloor
Lee, Allen Git good with FAIR enough practices for scientific software development
Peckham, Scott Component-based Hydrologic Modeling: Getting Started with the TopoFlow 3.6 Python Package
Schwenk, Jon Exploring river and delta channel networks with RivGraph
Vernon, Chris GCAM and Demeter: A global, integrated human-Earth systems perspective to modeling land projections
Wu, Wei Introduction to R programming and R applications in landscape ecology
Zellner, Moira Decision Framing

Poster Abstracts

NameAbstract title postersPoster
Best, Kelsea Pattern-oriented modeling to test frameworks of environmental migration decisions in Bangladesh
Bosch, Rachel DKARST.py: modeling abrasional wear of scalloped bedrock in caves
Chen, Thomas Modeling sea ice motion using various artificial intelligence approaches
Chun, Byongsuk Modeling the Lafourche Delta network in the Mississippi Delta Complex
Clow, Travis Is it accelerating? Long term coastal cliff retreat in Del Mar, CA revealed from shore platform 10Be concentrations and numerical modeling
Glade, Rachel Arctic soil patterns analogous to fluid instabilities
Itzkin, Michael Modeling interannual dune growth and recovery on a developed barrier island
Johnson, Joel Mapping Localized subsidence of Lagos, Nigeria with Sentinel-1A/B Satellite Coverage
Khosbaatar, Norjmaa The role of organic sediment dynamics on paleo-sea level reconstruction from fluvio-deltaic stratigraphy: Insights from a geometric model
Lundell, Sarah Skill of a debris flow model at different temporal resolutions in the Matilija Creek watershed
Madoff, Risa Variations of Regional Erosion Rates Since LGM Mapped Through Time and Spacelink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/csdms_wiki/images/Madoff Poster Preview.pdf
Mariotti, Giulio Self-organization of coastal barrier systems during the Holocene
Meyer, Bentley Analyzing motu morphometrics on coral atolls in the context of local wave climate
Monteleone, Kelly Underwater Archaeological Surveys in Shakan Bay, SE Alaska
Moodie, Andrew Does faulting-induced subsidence drive distributary network reorganization?
Nienhuis, Jaap Seasonality of wave, tide, and river-driven sediment fluxes and its impact on delta morphologylink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/csdms_wiki/images/Nienhuis CSDMS Seasonality.pdf
Pandey, Manish Landscape Evolution of a megafan at the foothill of the Vindhyan ranges in Ganga Foreland Basin
Pierce, Ethan Modeling the controls on till equilibrium line position beneath a synthetic outlet glacier
Rossi, Matthew Coupling an Agent-Based Model of forest dynamics and soil production to sediment transport models in Landlab
Schanz, Sarah Coupling glacial and fluvial erosion models to simulate sediment dynamics
Shobe, Charles Inversion of marine stratigraphy for optimal seascape evolution model structure and parameters
Upton, Phaedra Evolution of complex 4D plate boundary transition zone in central New Zealand illuminated by its topographic fabric
Vaughn, Derrick Global incised valley filling during the Holocene sea-level highstand - implications for carbon burial
Vulis, Lawrence Climate and process signatures on lake and wetland patterns in arctic river deltas
Whiteman, Nicholas Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics at the coastal interface of Earth, ocean, and ice
de Mutsert, Kim End-to-End Modeling Reveals Species-Specific Effects of Large-Scale Coastal Restoration on Living Resources Facing Climate Change