2021 CSDMS meeting-135


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Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics at the coastal interface of Earth, ocean, and ice

Nicholas Whiteman, University of Maine Bangor Maine, United States. nicholas.whiteman@maine.edu
Peter Koons, University of Maine Maine, United States. Peter.Koons@maine.edu

Particle-based methods in computational fluid dynamics are capable of characterizing the propagation of the inertial terms and complex behavior of a fluid in low-viscosity systems onto an interface with highly viscous or solid materials, providing a high resolution window into fluid dynamics within environments that are fundamentally defined by fluid-solid interaction. The rate limiting feedbacks of wave action, erosion and sediment transport are a multiscale problem, involving kilometer-scale climate forcing and local, submeter Earth responses. We use real-world inputs of dynamic water levels at the mesoscale to drive local particle-based wave solutions towards natural coastal landforms effectively coupling the multiscale transfer of forces produced by topographic relief, wave action and ice collisions. 3D temporal solutions of nearshore currents at multiple scales make it possible to handle the specifics of fluid-solid interactions as the basis for training algorithms and subsequent expansion to larger regions.
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