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Underwater Archaeological Surveys in Shakan Bay, SE Alaska

Kelly Monteleone, University of Calgary Calgary , Canada. kelly.monteleone@ucalgary.ca
Andrew Wickert, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Twin Cities Minnesota, United States. awickert@umn.edu
E. James Dixon, University of New Mexico Albuquerque New Mexico, United States. jdixon@unm.edu

The coastline of SE Alaska was submerged by post-Pleistocene sea level rise from at least 16,000 cal yrs BP until it stabilized about 10,600 cal yrs BP. The submerged continental shelf was modeled using bathymetry and other data to identify areas exhibiting high potential for the occurrence of archaeological sites. Two seasons of underwater archaeological survey have been conducted at this location (NSF OPP -#0703980 and 1108367), using multibeam sonar, side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, real-time video from remotely operated vehicle (ROV), and sea floor sampling using a van veen grab sampler and sediment screening. This data has produced a detailed overview of Shakan Bay, located on the northwest corner of Prince of Wales Island.
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