CSDMS meeting 2017 abstract list

Annual Meeting 2017
Modeling Coupled Earth and Human Systems - The Dynamic Duo


Number of submitted abstracts: 65

NameAbstract title
Adams, Jordan The competition between frequent and rare flood events: the impact on erosion rates and landscape form.[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Angelopoulos, Michael The effects of changing boundary conditions on modelled heat and salt diffusion in subaquatic permafrost offshore of Muostakh Island, Siberia.[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ashton, Andrew Modeling Reef Island Profile Morphodynamics[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Baral, Prashant Understanding the current state and predictable future changes in the state of permafrost distribution in North-Western Himalayas, India[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Barnhart, Katherine Landlab components for surface hydrology: the FlowAccumulator and the FlowDirectors[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Bastianon, Elena Numerical investigation of the role of slope and flow dynamic characteristics on the “fill-and-spill” process and deposit in linked submarine intraslope minibasins.[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Beaulieu, Olivia Understanding River Terrace Formation and Destruction, Channel Lateral Mobility, and River Valley Widening from Base Level Fall Experiments[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Borhani, Sanaz Probabilistic Sediment Continuity Equation with No Active Layer[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Bradham, Jennifer Using individual-based models and animal movement to evaluate habitat-use intensity in fragmented landscapes: a case study using an ecosystem engineer in central Brazil[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Callaghan, Kerry Groundwater storage contributions to sea level at and since the Last Glacial Maximum[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Cao, Bin Very Fine Scale of Permafrost Distribution and Controlling Factors[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Daniller-Varghese, Max Intermittency, Sediment Advection Length Distribution, and Delta Island Development.[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Doane, Tyler Rapid algorithm for convolution integral-like flux formulations[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Dunn, Frances (Un)sustainability of Deltas Under Potential Future Changes in Sediment Delivery[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Esposito, Christopher Sustainability and Operational Design of Sediment Delivering River Diversions[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Glaubius, Jennifer The Agricultural Terraces Model (AgrTerrModel): Exploring Human-Environment Interactions in Terraced Landscapes[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Gray, Harrison Evaluating Luminescence as a Sediment Transport Metric[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Hale, Richard Connecting tidal channels and platforms in a mesotidal mangrove stand[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Harris, Courtney Flocculation and bed consolidation in a partially mixed estuary: an idealized numerical sediment transport model[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Hawker, Laurence How significant is irrigation for flood inundation modelling in deltas?[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Houssais, Morgane Experimental investigation of soil creep under porous flow condition[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Islam, Md Tazmul Testing a New Global Bedload Flux Model[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Istanbulluoglu, Erkan Evolving patterns of glaciers and summer streamflow in the Pacific Northwest US: 1960-2100[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Jafarov, Elchin Modeling hydrothermal interaction within 2D hillslope[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Jenkins, Chris Modeling the Physical States of Intensely Biological Seabeds[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Jiang, Peishi A Service-Oriented Architecture for Coupling Web Service Models Using the Basic Model Interfaces (BMI)[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Kerr, Jeremy An algorithm for optically-deriving water depth in coral reef landscapes in the absence of ground-truth data[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Khanam, Mariam The effect of river bathymetry on flood simulations[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Lacy, Jessie Spatial gradients in SSC at the interface of an estuary and a salt marsh: Implications for sediment supply to the marsh[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Langston, Abigail Downstream sweep erosion as a mechanism for bedrock valley widening: comparison between model simulations and field examples[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Lazar, Attila Modelling household adaptation choices using a dynamic Bayesian Network model[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Li, Qi Sea-level responses to sediment erosion and deposition in the eastern United States since the mid-Pliocene climate optimum[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Lorenzo Trueba, Jorge Using coupled geo-economic models to explore the interplay between coastal protection, natural processes, and economic values along developed shorelines[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Lyons, Nathan Numerical simulations of transient landscape adjustment along the Mendocino Triple Junction[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Mariotti, Giulio Long-term morphodynamics of muddy backbarrier basins: Fill in or Empty out?[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Morgan, Jacob Two-dimensional modeling of variable-width gravel bed morphodynamics[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Moriarty, Julia Coupling Sediment Transport and Biogeochemical Processes: The Role of Resuspension on Oxygen & Nutrient Dynamics[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Morris, Chloe Modelling the Morphodynamic Interactions and Co-Evolution of Coupled Coast-Estuarine Environments[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Mouchene, Margaux Autogenic versus allogenic controls on a fluvial megafan/mountainous catchment coupled system: numerical modelling and comparison with the Lannemezan megafan (Northern Pyrenees, France)[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Murphy, Brendan Fish & Fire[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Murray, Brad Coupled Modeling of River and Coastal Processes: New Insights about Delta Morphodynamics, Avulsions, and Autogenic Sediment Flux Variability[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Nicholls, Robert DELTAS AS COUPLED SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL SYSTEMS[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Nitzbon, Jan Towards representing thermokarst processes in land surface models[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Nudurupati, Sai Siddhartha Studying the Role of Disturbances on Woody Plant Encroachment in Southwestern US using a Coupled Landlab Ecohydrology Model[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ortiz, Alejandra Atoll Morphometrics: Why do atolls and reef islands look the way they do?[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ozdemir, Celalettin Turbulence-resolving Two-Phase Flow Simulations of Wave- and Current Supported Turbidity Flows[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Palermo, Rose Coupling coastal processes and human interactions within a littoral cell[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Paniagua-Arroyave, Juan Felipe Temporal variability in bed elevation near Shoal E, Cape Canaveral shoals[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Perkins, Jonathan Stratigraphic and hydrologic controls on large-volume landslides in NW Washington State[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Peters, Chelsea Multicriteria Decision Analysis of Freshwater Resource Management in Southwestern Bangladesh[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Rengers, Francis Estimating model parameters necessary for simulating post-wildfire debris-flow timing[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Richmond, Nick 3D Bedrock Channel Evolution with Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Coupled to a Finite Element Earth[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Rogers, Kimberly Sociocultural Dynamics in Global Human-Environmental Systems Models: Adding Local Depth to Decision Making Algorithms[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Schumann, Guy Global-Scale Event-Continuous Flood Event Simulation: When WBM Meets LISFLOOD-FP[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Sherwood, Chris Cohesive and mixed sediment in the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Shobe, Charles Hillslope-derived blocks, erosion thresholds, and topographic scaling in mountain rivers[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Sincavage, Ryan Evaluating order vs. disorder in fluvial system deposits: A statistical analysis of grain size and thickness trends within vertical successions of sediment packages in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta, Bangladesh[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Singh, Arvind Landscape reorganization under changing external forcing: implications to climate-driven knickpoints[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Tanaka, Katsumasa A top-down modeling approach to the global climate stabilization[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Tang, Hui Observable tsunami deposit layers and tsunami inundation[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Tasich, Chris Modeling Elevation Equilibrium and Human Adaptation in Southwest Bangladesh[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Torres, Raymond Channel geomorphology along the fluvial-tidal transition, Santee River, USA[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Ullah, Isaac Coupled Human-Earth Systems Models and the “Digital Proxy Record:” Connecting the Human and Natural[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Upton, Phaedra Links between the human dimension and long term tectonics[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Whitman, Mackenzie Resilience Analysis of Bangladesh Inland Waterway Network Using Landsat Data[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
Wright, Nesha Predicted changes in high temperature events over North America within CORDEX simulations[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]
qin, yanhui Modeling permafrost thermal state and active layer thickness on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China[[{{{5}}}|100px|link={{{6}}}]]