CSDMS meeting 2014

Presentations and more of the CSDMS 2014 annual meeting

Uncertainty and Sensitivity in Surface Dynamics Modeling

May 20-22th 2014 in Boulder Colorado, USA

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Thank You

On behalf of CSDMS, we thank the Keynote Speakers, Clinic Leaders, Session Chairs, Poster Session Presenters, members of the Executive and Steering Committees, and every participant who helped to make this a productive and successful meeting.

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Keynote talks

Caers, Jeff CSDMS: Special Issue in Computers & Geosciences Journal
Caldwell, Rebecca A numerical modeling study of the effects of sediment properties on deltaic processes and morphology
Hsu, Tom Understanding wave-driven fine sediment transport through 3D turbulence resolving simulations – implications to offshore delivery of fine sediment
Koons, Peter Unifying Tectonics and Surface Processes in Geodynamics
Larour, Eric Towards better quantifications of the uncertainty in polar ice-sheet projections using the open source framework ISSM
Lazar, Attila Coupling terrestrial and marine biophysical processes with livelihood dynamics for analysis of poverty alleviation in Bangladesh
Limaye, Ajay A vector-based method for bank-material tracking in coupled models of meandering and landscape evolution
McElwaine, Jim The Dynamics of Granular Flows
Nicholas, Andrew Modelling the evolution of large river floodplains
Perignon, Mariela Predicting the influence of floodplain vegetation on the geomorphic effects of large floods
Pyles, David Testing the efficacy and uncertainty of outcrop- and model-based studies through collaboration: A field geologist’s perspective
Slingerland, Rudy The FESD Delta Dynamics Modeling Collaboratory: A Progress Report
Syvitski, James The Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System develops, integrates, archives & disseminates software to define the earth's surface dynamics
Voinov, Alexey Exploring climate mitigation and low-carbon transitions: new challenges for model integration
Wiberg, Patricia Opening of the meeting
Yager, Elowyn Predictions of bedload transport in vegetated channels: uncertainties and steps forward
van der Wegen, Mick Estuarine morphodynamics: better be certain about uncertainty


Choi, Eunseo SNAC: A 3D parallel explicit finite element code for long-term lithospheric deformation modeling
Harris, Courtney Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)
Jenkins, Chris Carbonate Models Clinic - carbo* suite
Lunacek, Monte Interactive Data Analysis with Python
Peckham, Scott Introduction to the Basic Model Interface and CSDMS Standard Names
Piper, Mark WMT: The CSDMS Web Modeling Tool
Sotiropoulos, Fotis The SAFL Virtual StreamLab (VSL3D): High Resolution Simulation of Turbulent Flow, Sediment Transport, and Morphodynamics in Waterways
Swiler, Laura Dakota: A Toolkit for Sensitivity Analysis, Uncertainty Quantification, and Calibration
Tucker, Greg Creative computing with Landlab: A flexible Python package for rapidly building and exploring 2D surface-dynamics models
Watts, Joshua Agent-Based Modeling Research: Topics, Tools, and Methods


Is your poster not displayed below? Please email your poster to:CSDMSweb@colorado.edu. We can open a FTP site for you if the poster is to large to email. Thank you!

Author(s) Title Download (pdf)
Jordan Adams Modeling hydrologic and erosional responses of landscapes to fire using the Landlab modeling environment CSDMS2014 poster JordanAdams.png
Alberto Canestrelli An immersed boundary method in Delft3D File:CSDMS2014 poster AlbertoCanestrelli.png
Dan Cazanacli A Simple Rule-Based Model for Distributary Networks File:CSDMS2014 poster DanCazanacli.png
Eunseo Choi SNAC-CHILD Coupling: Preliminary Results Towards Interoperable Modeling Frameworks CSDMS2014 poster EunseoChoi.png
Sagy Cohen On the sensitivity of global suspended sediment modeling to dams CSDMS2014 poster SagyCohen.png
Barry Eakins Challenges in building coastal digital elevation models File:CSDMS2014 poster BarryEakins.png
Zhixuan Feng Modeling sediment-related loading, transport, and inactivation of fecal indicator bacteria at a nonpoint source beach CSDMS2014 poster ZhixuanFeng.png
Lian Feng Modeling the evolution of a thrust system: a geological application of DynEarthSol2D File:CSDMS2014 poster LianFeng.png
Jian Hua Gao Changes in water and sediment exchange between the Changjiang River and Poyang Lake under natural and anthropogenic conditions, China CSDMS2014 poster JianHuaGao.png
Harrison Gray An iterative bleach-and-mix model for the change in luminescence signal with cumulative sediment transport. File:CSDMS2014 poster HarrisonGray.png
Jianwei Han Measuring the imprint of orographic rainfall gradients on the morphology of steady-state numerical landscapes File:CSDMS2014 poster JianweiHan.png
Kevin Hanegan Tidal Modulated Flow and Sediment Flux through Wax Lake Delta Distributary Channels: Implications for Delta Development CSDMS2014 poster KevinHanegan.png
Adrian Harpold Interrogating the Sensitivity of Snow-Season Water and Energy Fluxes from a Land-Surface Model to High-Resolution Forest Canopy Information File:CSDMS2014 poster AdrianHarpold.png
Stephanie Higgins InSAR measurements of compaction and subsidence in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta, Bangladesh CSDMS2014 poster StephanieHiggins.png
Mary Hill Exploring how parameter importance to prediction changes in parameter space File:CSDMS2014 poster MaryHill.png
Elchin Jafarov Using ground-penetrating radar to measure an ice-wedge depth File:CSDMS2014 poster ElchinJafarov.png
Tara Kniskern Advances in sediment transport modeling offshore of a fluvial source CSDMS2014 poster TaraKniskern.png
John Kondziolka Spatial structure and evolution in emergent vegetated ecosystems CSDMS2014 poster JohnKondziolka.png
Abigail Langston Developing and evaluating algorithms for lateral erosion of bedrock channels in landscape evolution models CSDMS2014 poster AbigailLangston.png
Ehab Meselhe Sediment Dynamics of the Lower Mississippi River: Understanding Sediment Availability and Delivery for Land Building File:CSDMS2014 poster EhabMeselhe.png
Angel Monsalve Including sediment patches in sediment transport predictions in steep mountain channels File:CSDMS2014 poster AngelMonsalve.png
Julia Moriarty Buoyant and Gravity-Driven Transport on the Waipaoa Shelf: Model Evaluation and Sensitivity Analyses File:CSDMS2014 poster JuliaMoriarty.png
Jaap Nienhuis Wave angle control on deltaic channel orientation CSDMS2014 poster JaapNienhuis.png
Sai Siddhartha Nudurupati Coupling Fluvial and Eco-hydrologic Components in the Landlab Modeling Framework CSDMS2014 poster SaiSiddharthaNudurupati.png
Jean-Arthur Olive The long-term evolution of normal faults controlled by lithospheric flexure and surface processes. File:CSDMS2014 poster Jean-ArthurOlive.png
Francis Rengers Parameter Optimization for a Headcut Erosion Model File:CSDMS2014 poster FrancisRengers.png
Kimberly Rogers Simplifying the Ganges-Brahmaputra sediment dispersal system using a coupled model-field approach CSDMS2014 KimberlyRogers.png
Salik Anders Rosing Modeling the circulation of the NW European shelf seas – present and deep past. CSDMS2014 poster SalikAndersRosing.png
Shimelis Setegn Hydrological model application and prediction uncertainty analysis File:CSDMS2014 poster ShimelisSetegn.png
Kristin Sweeney Testing bedrock incision models in a mixed bedrock-alluvial system: High Cascades, Oregon File:CSDMS2014 poster KristinSweeney.png
Arnaud Temme A new soil-landscape model: focus on its subsurface architecture CSDMS2014 poster ArnaudTemme.png
Phaedra Upton How does topography control shallow geological processes? CSDMS2014 poster PhaedraUpton.png
Ya Ping Wang Water and sediment discharge into the sea from Yangtze River: an improving measurement File:CSDMS2014 poster YaPingWang.png
Andrew Wickert Integrating glaciers and isostatic deformation with Landlab, a computational framework for Earth-surface systems, and GRASS GIS CSDMS2014 poster AndrewWickert.png
Fei Xing Hydrodynamics and morphological changes of the Wax Lake Delta (WLD) during hurricane Rita, 2005 CSDMS2014 poster FeiXing.png
Xuan Yu Parameter and model uncertainty analysis of a physics-based hydrologic model: a comparative study of GLUE and Gaussian process emulator CSDMS2014 poster XuanYu.png
Yu Zhang Fully-Coupled Hydrologic-Morphologic Processes for Modeling Landscape Evolution CSDMS2014 poster YuZhang.png

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