CSDMS 2014 annual meeting - Uncertainty and Sensitivity in Surface Dynamics Modeling

The Dynamics of Granular Flows

Jim McElwaine

Durham University, United Kingdom

Granular materials are ubiquitous in the environment, in industry and in everyday life and yet are poorly understood. Modelling the behavior of a granular medium is critical to understanding problems ranging from hazardous landslides and avalanches in the Geosciences, to the design of industrial equipment. Typical granular systems contain millions of particles, but the underlying equations governing that collective motion are as yet unknown. The search for a theory of granular matter is a fundamental problems in physics and engineering and of immense practical importance for mitigating the risk of geohazards. Direct simulation of granular systems using the Discrete Element Method is a powerful tool for developing theories and modelling granular systems. I will describe the simulation technique and show its application to a diverse range of flows.

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