CSDMS 2014 annual meeting - Uncertainty and Sensitivity in Surface Dynamics Modeling

Carbonate Models Clinic - carbo* suite

Chris Jenkins

University of Colorado, Boulder, United States
Donald Potts University of California United States

[[CSDMS meeting abstract presentation::The carbo* set of modules use Lotka-Volterra population ecology, hydrodynamics, mesoscale simulators, an organism knowledge base (OKB), and habitat suitability indexes to model benthic carbonate production. The modeling covers coral reef, Halimeda and maerl, oyster, deep-water coral and bryozoan facies but can be extended to other types using the OKB. Recently the creation of rubble bioclasts has been addressed by modeling bioerosion, skeleton breakage, water column turbulence statistics, and clast ballistic trajectories in extreme weather.

Model runs are initiated for modern situations by automatically gathering data from global database and remote sensed resources such as MODIS AQUA, World Ocean Atlas, WaveWatch, GEBCO. Idealized scenarios – from paleogeography - can also be constructed and submitted for modeling. Time spans of up to 10,000 years have been run, using a burst technique with annual time-stepping. Seasonal stepping for shorter time span is also possible. The model outputs include profiles of organism biofacies, accumulation geometries, (1m3) ‘block of rock’ fabric & porosity models for generated materials, and 3D and animated mappings of the sediment facies.

The clinic will go through a typical setup and run, with some variations within the group. One of the modeled areas will be Molokai, Hawaii. Participants on the day will receive a copy of the software. Images of recent outputs are shown at Future developments will be discussed, particularly integration with terrigenous sediment and suspendate models, and nutrient loadings. ]]

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Of interest for:
  • Marine Working Group
  • Carbonates and Biogenics Focus Research Group