CSDMS meeting 2019

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Presentations and more of the CSDMS 2019 annual meeting

CSDMS 3.0 - Bridging Boundaries

May 21-23th 2019 in Boulder Colorado, USA


Thank You

On behalf of CSDMS, we thank the Keynote Speakers, Clinic Leaders, Session Chairs, Poster Session Presenters, members of the Executive and Steering Committees, and every participant who helped to make this a productive and successful meeting.


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Keynote talks

Anders, Alison Follow the water: Post-glacial landscape evolution in the Central Lowlands
Brown, Jed JOSS: Journal of Open Source Software
Buiter, Susanne How extensional tectonics and surface processes interact to shape continental plate boundaries
Flores, Lejo 2019 Diversity Panel
Goldstein, Evan Machine Learning and Coastal Morphodynamics
Hay, Lauren The National Hydrologic Model: coordinated, comprehensive, and consistent hydrologic modeling at multiple scales for the conterminous United States
Hutton, Eric The CSDMS Python Modeling Tool (PyMT)
Jenkins, Chris The Machine Learning Landscape
Lai, Jingtao Modeled Postglacial Landscape Evolution at the Southern Margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet: Hydrological Connection of Uplands Controls the Pace and Style of Fluvial Network Expansion
Nitzbon, Jan Modeling the degradation of ice-rich permafrost landscapes
Norris, Boyana Understanding and Improving the Performance of Scientific Software and its Humans
Ratliff, Katherine Exploring delta morphodynamics using the CSDMS BMI to couple fluvial and coastal processes
Robinson, Derek Coupling natural-human systems at the decision-making scale
Steckler, Michael Sequence Stratigraphic Modeling in Landlab
Sylvester, Zoltan meanderpy: A simple model of meandering sheds light on channel kinematics and autogenic counter point bars
Tucker, Greg CSDMS 3.0 updates


Barnhart, Katy Model Calibration with Dakota
Buscombe, Daniel Landcover and landform classification using deep neural networks
Fleming, Jason Real Time ADCIRC Modelling for Coastal Zone Decision Support
Hamman, Joseph Pangeo: Scalable Geoscience Tools in Python — Xarray, Dask, and Jupyter
Hsu, Leslie Making your models and data FAIR - Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable
Hutton, Eric Hands-on with the Python Modeling Toolkit
Jagers, Bert Morphological modelling using Delft3D Flexible Mesh
Lyons, Nathan Model sensitivity analysis using SALib
Moodie, Andrew Developing and teaching interactive sedimentology and stratigraphy computer activities
Piper, Mark BMI Live!
Tijerina, Daniella CUAHSI Services for Hydrologic Modeling and Data
Yang, Yang An Introduction to CUDA-enabled DES3D


NameAbstract title postersPoster
Adams, Jordan Sediment dynamics along the fluvial-tidal transition: a case study from the Ganges deltaJordan Adams CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Ahrendt, Shelby A mountain-to-coast hydrogeomorphic modeling framework for flood risk prediction
Anderson, Samuel Lithologic and Climatic Controls on Rock Properties in the Guadalupe Mountains
Anderson, Aspen Coupled morphodynamic and hydrogeologic modeling for evaluating the salinization of groundwater resources in coastal deltas resources in coastal deltasAspen Anderson CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Auad, Guillermo Coupling Conceptual Models to Define a Dynamic Management Framework for Efficient Socio-ecological System StewardshipGuillermo Auad CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Barnhart, Katherine terrainbento 1.0: a multi-model package for long term drainage basin evolution
Best, Kelsea Environmental Migration and Land Inundation: An Agent-Based Modeling Approachlink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/csdms_wiki/images/Kelsea Best_CSDMS Conference Poster final.pdf
Burton, Jonathan Analysis of Glacial Lake Outburst Flood terrain and sedimentary deposits in Valle Soler, Northern Patagonia Icefield
Cai, Nicole Impact of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation on Water Quality in Cache Slough Complex, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: A Numerical Modeling Study
Callaghan, Kerry Computing more realistic flow-routing surfaces using FlowFillKerry Callaghan CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Chang, Ching Investigating Mechanisms of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway and its Impacts on Surface Processes using Landscape Evolution Simulations
Cohen, Sagy Recent advances in global-scale hydro-geomorphic riverine modelingSagy Cohen CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Covington, Matt A conduit evolution model built in Landlab: Coupling surface and subsurface processesMatt Covington CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Cui, Linlin Estimating the Impact of Oil on Flocculation Processes with a New Parameterized Sediment Model
Culler, Elsa Modeling the hydrology of a post-fire landslide: Case study of the Thomas Fire, CA
Czekirda, Justyna The CryoGrid permafrost models: examples of applications
DeLisle, Clarke Landslides Buffer Climate-Tectonic InteractionClarke DeLisle CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Del Vecchio, Joanmarie Constraining hydroclimate control on permafrost slope stability with sediment records, modern landscapes and coupled models
Fleming, Jason Real Time ADCIRC Model Guidance For Decision Support
Glade, Rachel Canyon evolution governed by channel-hillslope feedbacks
Harris, Courtney Seasonal variation in wave-driven sediment resuspension in the northern Andaman Sea: Results from a numerical model
Istanbulluoglu, Erkan A new approach to mapping landslide hazards: a probabilistic integration of empirical and process-based models
Jacobs, Peter Species Distribution Models (SDMs) for characterizing the ecology of modern foraminifera and how this can inform reconstructions of past oceanographic states from Earth’s climatic history
Jafarov, Elchin Estimation of soil properties by coupled inversion of geophysical and hydrothermal data
Janoff, Arye Suboptimal beach nourishment decisions: When self-interested actions enhance a neighbor's welfare
Jenkins, Chris ‘Seamless over the Strandline’ Marine and Terrestrial Substrates Data to support Morphodynamic Modelling
Kochanski, Kelly Machine learning for climate predictionKelly Kochanski CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Lai, Jingtao The impact of geothermal flux on patterns and rates of glacial erosion
Litwin, David Implicit-spectral solution for a simple landscape evolution model
Lynch, Brigid Quantifying variability in streamflow distributions to understand the relationships between climate, topography and erosionBrigid Lynch CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Mariotti, Giulio CoastMorpho2D: Simulating coastal evolution from decades to millennia
Meinen, Benjamin Mapping Erosion and Deposition in an Agricultural Landscape: A Spatial Validation of Erosion ModelsBenjamin Meinen CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Mohamadi Moghadam, Hanieh An investigation of the impact of Marine Hydrokinetic devices on sediment transport
Moragoda, Nishani Response of Fluvial Suspended Sediment Fluxes and River Discharge to Future Climate Change on a Global Scale
Morgan, Jacob The efficacy of using a morphological acceleration factor to simulate large-scale and long-term fluvial morphodynamicsJacob Morgan CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Murshid, Shamim Cross-Sectional Geometry of Natural and Engineered Tidal Inlets
Obelcz, Jeffrey Geospatial prediction of subsurface wood-bearing sediments, Northern Gulf of Mexico
Ortiz, Alejandra Potential impacts of excavation pits on atoll reef islands
Overeem, Irina Changing River Dynamics Cause Permafrost Thaw: exploration from the coupling of a river temperature and a permafrost modelIrina Overeem CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Phetheet, Jirapat A Coupled Simulation of the Food-Energy-Water Nexus for Farm Income Analysis: An Agent-Based Approach Applied to Western Kansas
Reeves, Ian Impacts of Seagrass Dynamics on the Coupled Long-Term Evolution of Barrier-Marsh-Bay Systems
Sherwood, Christopher Dune erosion hotspot caused by offshore wave refraction and dissipation
Shobe, Charles Assessing basin-scale lithologic controls on river and landscape evolution
Sosa, Jeison No abstract submitted yet
Steckler, Michael Sequence Stratigraphic Modeling in LandlabMichael Steckler CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Swartz, John From Distributary to Tributary: Formation and Morphometry of Coastal Stream Networks Governed by Depositional Processes
Tang, Hui No abstract submitted yet
Tasich, Chris Predicting arsenic contamination in groundwater wells in the Bengal BasinChris Tasich CSDMS Conference Poster final.png
Trunz, Celia Building a distributed and physically based supraglacial meltwater routing model with Landlab to explore lag between peak meltwater production and discharge
WANG, Ya Ping The influence of bio-physical processes on sediment motion over tidal flat
Wild, Amanda Patterns and Rates of Sedimentation in a Bedrock Confined Estuary: The Skeena River Estuary and Marine Approaches
Xue, Z. George Introducing a sediment module to the National Water Model (WRF-Hydro)
Yuen, David Efforts in Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Data-Intensive Problems in Earthquakes and non-linear Geophysical Problems
Zang, Zhengchen Introducing a wave-supported gravity flow module to Community Sediment Transport Model System
Zhang, Yu Bridging boundaries: a preliminary review of the multi-scale and multi-process models in CSDMS model repositories

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