2019 CSDMS meeting-052


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Sequence Stratigraphic Modeling in Landlab

Michael Steckler, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Palisades New York, United States. steckler@ldeo.columbia.edu
Eric Hutton, University of Colorado - Boulder Boulder Colorado, United States. hutton.eric@gmail.com
David Ologan, M.I.T. Cambridge Massachusetts, United States. ologand@bxscience.edu
Gregory Tucker, University of Colorado - Boulder Boulder Colorado, United States. gtucker@colorado.edu

Michael Steckler CSDMS Conference Poster final.png

Sequence is a modular 2D (i.e., profile) sequence stratigraphic model that is written in Python and implemented within the Landlab framework. Sequence represents time-averaged fluvial and marine sediment transport via differential equations. The modular code includes components to deal with sea level changes, sediment compaction, local or flexural isostasy, and tectonic subsidence and uplift. Development of the code was spurred by observations of repetitive stratigraphic sequences in western Turkey that are distorted by tectonics.