CSDMS meeting 2021 abstract list

Annual Meeting 2021
Changing Landscapes and Seascapes


Number of submitted abstracts: 26

NameAbstract title postersPoster
Best, Kelsea Pattern-oriented modeling to test frameworks of environmental migration decisions in BangladeshBest poster csdms 2021.png
Bosch, Rachel DKARST.py: modeling abrasional wear of scalloped bedrock in caves
Chen, Thomas Modeling sea ice motion using various artificial intelligence approaches
Chun, Byongsuk Modeling the Lafourche Delta network in the Mississippi Delta Complex
Clow, Travis Is it accelerating? Long term coastal cliff retreat in Del Mar, CA revealed from shore platform 10Be concentrations and numerical modelingClow CSDMS 2021 Poster.png
Glade, Rachel Arctic soil patterns analogous to fluid instabilitiesGlade CSDMS poster 2021.png
Itzkin, Michael Modeling interannual dune growth and recovery on a developed barrier islandCSDMS Meeting 2021 Poster Itzkin.png
Johnson, Joel Mapping Localized subsidence of Lagos, Nigeria with Sentinel-1A/B Satellite Coverage
Khosbaatar, Norjmaa The role of organic sediment dynamics on paleo-sea level reconstruction from fluvio-deltaic stratigraphy: Insights from a geometric model
Lundell, Sarah Skill of a debris flow model at different temporal resolutions in the Matilija Creek watershedCsdmsPosterSarahLundell.png
Madoff, Risa Variations of Regional Erosion Rates Since LGM Mapped Through Time and Spacelink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/csdms_wiki/images/Madoff Poster Preview.pdf
Mariotti, Giulio Self-organization of coastal barrier systems during the Holocene
Meyer, Bentley Analyzing motu morphometrics on coral atolls in the context of local wave climateBentley Meyer CSDMS Poster.png
Monteleone, Kelly Underwater Archaeological Surveys in Shakan Bay, SE AlaskaMonteleone Wickert Dixon Poster 2021.png
Moodie, Andrew Does faulting-induced subsidence drive distributary network reorganization?Moodie csdms 2021.png
Nienhuis, Jaap Seasonality of wave, tide, and river-driven sediment fluxes and its impact on delta morphologylink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/csdms_wiki/images/Nienhuis CSDMS Seasonality.pdf
Pandey, Manish Landscape Evolution of a megafan at the foothill of the Vindhyan ranges in Ganga Foreland Basin
Pierce, Ethan Modeling the controls on till equilibrium line position beneath a synthetic outlet glacierCSDMS Poster 2021 Pierce.png
Rossi, Matthew Coupling an Agent-Based Model of forest dynamics and soil production to sediment transport models in Landlab
Schanz, Sarah Coupling glacial and fluvial erosion models to simulate sediment dynamicsSchanz csdms poster.png
Shobe, Charles Inversion of marine stratigraphy for optimal seascape evolution model structure and parametersShobe etal poster.png
Upton, Phaedra Evolution of complex 4D plate boundary transition zone in central New Zealand illuminated by its topographic fabricUpton etal poster 2.png
Vaughn, Derrick Global incised valley filling during the Holocene sea-level highstand - implications for carbon burialVaughn CSDMS 2021 Meeting Poster.png
Vulis, Lawrence Climate and process signatures on lake and wetland patterns in arctic river deltas
Whiteman, Nicholas Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics at the coastal interface of Earth, ocean, and iceNicholasWhiteman CSDMSposter2021.png
de Mutsert, Kim End-to-End Modeling Reveals Species-Specific Effects of Large-Scale Coastal Restoration on Living Resources Facing Climate ChangeCSDMS CMP poster 2021.png