CSDMS meeting 2016

Presentations and more of the joined SEN - CSDMS 2016 annual meeting

Capture climate change

May 17-19th 2016 in Boulder Colorado, USA

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Thank You

On behalf of CSDMS, we thank the Keynote Speakers, Clinic Leaders, Session Chairs, Poster Session Presenters, members of the Executive and Steering Committees, and every participant who helped to make this a productive and successful meeting.


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Keynote talks

Adams, Jordan Integrating a 2-D Hydrodynamic Model into the Landlab Modeling Framework
Braun, Jean Links Between Mantle Convection, Tectonics, Erosion and Climate: Recent Model Developments and Results
Cheng, Zhen A Turbulence-Resolving Eulerian Two-Phase Model for Sediment Transport Applications
Curchitser, Enrique Regional and Global Ramifications of Boundary Current Upwelling
Damsgaard, Anders Grain-Scale Numerical Modeling of Granular Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics and Application in a Glacial Context
Deangelis, Don Ecological Applications of Agent Based Models
Kim, Wonsuck Overcoming Grand Challenges by Collaboration between Experimentalists and Modelers
Lamarque, Jean-Francois Modeling the Couplings Across the Earth Surface in CESM
Lovenduski, Nikki Ocean Carbon Uptake and Acidification: Can We Predict the Future?
Otto-Bliesner, Bette Climate Dynamics of Tropical Africa: Paleoclimate perspectives and challenges
Pelletier, Jon Modeling the Impact of Vegetation Changes on Erosion Rates and Landscape Evolution
Rounsevell, Mark Integrative assessment modeling
Syvitski, James CSDMS updates
Tessler, Zach From Relative Sea Level Rise to Coastal Risk: Estimating Contemporary and Future Flood Risk in Deltas
Wiberg, Patricia Opening meeting


Harris, Courtney Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS): An introductory web-based model implementation
Hill, Mary MODFLOW: Example applications and what we can learn from this amazingly successful piece of environmental modeling software.
Hutton, Eric BMI: Live!
Kim, Wonsuck SEN: Take only measurements. Leave only data
LeVeque, Randy GeoClaw Software for Depth Average Flow
Lunacek, Monte Interactive Data Analysis with Python (PANDAS)
Mesehle, Ehab Coastal Ecosystem Integrated Compartment Model (ICM): Modeling Framework
Overeem, Irina Using TopoFlow in the classroom
Peckham, Scott Geoscience Paper of the Future: Training Session on Best Practices for Publishing Your Research Products
Tucker, Greg Modeling Earth-Surface Dynamics with LandLab
Zhou, Zheyu Modeling coastal processes using OpenFOAM


Is your poster not displayed below? Please email your poster to:CSDMSweb@colorado.edu. We can open a FTP site for you if the poster is to large to email. Thank you!

First Author Title Download (pdf)
Rolf Aalto Quaternary Morphodynamics of Fluvial Dispersal Systems Revealed: The Fly River, PNG, and the Sunda Shelf, SE Asia, simulated with the Massively Parallel GPU-based Model GULLEM
Matthew Bilskie Flood inundation modeling in a changing climate
Annie Boucher Implications Of Fault Damaged Bedrock To Tectonic and Landscape Evolution In Coastal Alaska
Shawn Carter Effects of the Anthropogenic Landscape on Global Scale Suspended Sediment Flux
Austin Chadwick How does delta shoreline sinuosity respond to changes in river discharge variability?
Yunxiang Chen Computational modeling of the hydraulics of a realistic subglacial conduit in Arctic CSDMS2016 poster YunxiangChen.png
Ethan Coon Exploring post-fire hydrology using a multiphysics modeling framework
Max Daniller-Varghese An experimental investigation of mouth bar formation with vegetation.
Scott David Morphodyanmics of Intra-floodplain Chute Channels
Ashton Dingle FREEWAT, a HORIZON 2020 project to build open source tools for water management: the view from a classroom at KU
Mitchell Donovan Temporal changes in channel migration and the influence of temporal measurement-scale CSDMS2016 poster MitchellDonovan.png
Anjali Fernandes A Simple Land-building Model for Suspended Sediment in Coastal Diversions
Ken Ferrier Transient responses of chemical erosion rates to perturbations in physical erosion rates in a simple model of regolith mineralogy
Rachel Glade Blocks control hillslope evolution in layered landscapes CSDMS2016 poster RachelGlade.png
Harrison Gray Ongoing investigations into the connections between mineral luminescence and geomorphic processes
Scott Hagen A shift in the paradigm: Assessing & mitigating the impact of climate change to salt marshes
Sarah Harbert Investigating the role of near-fault relief and vertical uplift in strike-slip landscape development CSDMS2016 poster SarahHarbert.png
Courtney Harris Delivery of sediment to the continental slope via plume delivery and storm resuspension: Numerical modeling for the northern Gulf of Mexico
Stephanie Higgins Impacts of River Linking on Sediment Transport to Indian Deltas
Morgane Houssais Toward a unifying constitutive relation for sediment transport across environments CSDMS2016 poster MorganeHoussais.png
Leslie Hsu Solving data and model integration challenges with Communities of Practice: The Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN) and the USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI)
Shelley Jeltema Python Coding for GIS Researchers
Chris Jenkins Modelling Workflow: Hurricane Effects at the Seafloor CSDMS2016 poster ChrisJenkins.png
Jeremy Kerr Investigating the relationship between carbonate facies belts and mosaics
Albert Kettner The impact of climate change on riverine flooding CSDMS2016 poster AlbertKettner.png
Angang Li Effects of In-stream Mixing on Carbon Photo-mineralization in Arctic Rivers
Ajay Limaye Extraction of multi-thread channel networks using a reduced-complexity flow model CSDMS2016 poster AjayLimaye.png
Anthony Longjas An entropy based quantification of delta channel network complexity
Wei Luo Earth surface modeling for education: is it effective? Two semesters of classroom tests with WILSIM-GC
Brigid Lynch Modeling landscape evolution and climate: how erosion and precipitation are linked in active orogens (preliminary results) CSDMS2016 poster BrigidLynch.png
Giulio Mariotti Revisiting salt marsh resilience to sea level rise: Are ponds responsible for permanent land loss?
Raleigh Martin Linear scaling of wind-driven sand flux with shear stress CSDMS2016 poster RaleighMartin.png
Kimberly Miller Experimental reproducibility of results of flow intermittency on delta dynamics
Santosh Kumar Mishra Climate Change Consequences on Seabird Population (With Emphasis on Distributional Changes in Seabirds in South Africa)
Julia Moriarty The Roles of Resuspension and Redistribution on Nutrient Cycling in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Results From A Coupled Hydrodynamic-Sediment Transport – Biogeochemical Numerical Model
Jaap Nienhuis Predicting coastal deltaic change on a global scale
Sai Siddhartha Nudurupati Mechanisms of Shrub Encroachment explored in Southwestern United States using Landlab Ecohydrology CSDMS2016 poster SaiSiddharthaNudurupati.png
Jean-Arthur Olive Feedbacks between mass wasting and abyssal hill growth on seismic cycle and geological time scales
Juan Felipe Paniagua-Arroyave Prediction of coastline retreat in Arboletes, southern Caribbean coast of Colombia, for a climate change scenario CSDMS2016 poster JuanFelipePaniagua-Arroyave.png
Colin Phillips Filtering the hydrograph through sediment transport and channel geometry CSDMS2016 poster ColinPhillips.png
Anastasia Piliouras Discharge controls on plant distribution and channel network formation in vegetated delta experiments
Misty Porter Methods for Visualizing Landscape Desiccation as a Result of Over-pumping with Application to the High Plains Aquifer in Western Kansas
Xinsheng Qin Comparison of 2D and 3D Numerical Models with Experiments of Tsunami Flow through a Built Environment CSDMS2016 poster XinshengQin.png
Katherine Ratliff Exploring delta morphodynamics with a coupled river-ocean model CSDMS2016 poster KatherineRatliff.png
Nick Richmond Investigating Sediment Mobilization in Dammed Fluvial Systems Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics CSDMS2016 poster NickRichmond.png
Donsub Rim Statistical Source Inversion of Tsunamis based on DART Buoy Data CSDMS2016 poster DonsubRim.png
Salik Anders Rosing Cretaceous Deepwater Formation: Processes and sensitivities
Samapriya Roy A Composite Vulnerability Index for Urban Areas in Deltaic Regions: An Application in the Amazon Delta
Sarah Schanz Modeling the effects of in-stream sediment retention on rates of river incision and strath terrace formation CSDMS2016 poster SarahSchanz.png
Philip Schoettle-Greene Lithologic and tectonic controls on the influence of exhuming paleo-relief in landscape evolution
Shimelis Setegn Human Impacts to Coastal Ecosystems in Puerto Rico: Development of Ecohydrological Model
John Shaw A mass-conservation approach to predicting the distance to river mouth channel bifurcations
Charles Shobe Boulders and bedrock: Modeling dynamic feedbacks between hillslope-derived blocks and transient channel evolution
Ryan Sincavage The quandary of an under-filled basin: Investigating the roles of local hydrology and incipient topography on channel path selection in Sylhet Basin, Bangladesh CSDMS2016 poster RyanSincavage.png
Arvind Singh Experimental investigation of the effect of climate change and tectonic anisotropy on landscape evolution
Maria Stoica Extending the CSDMS Standard Names template to include aquatic chemistry terms
Mahdad Talebpour Numerical Modelling of Secondary Currents of Second Type Caused by Bed Roughness Variations
Hui Tang GeoClawSed: A Model with Finite Volume Method for Tsunami Sediment Transport
Danielle Tarpley Consolidation and Stratification within a Muddy, Partially Mixed Estuary: A Comparison between Idealized and Realistic Models for Sediment Transport in the York River Estuary, Virginia
Chris Tasich Rejuvenating Poldered Landscapes: A Numerical Model of Tidal River Management in Coastal Bangladesh CSDMS2016 poster ChrisTasich.png
Alejandro Tejedor Quantifying delta complexity toward inference and classification.
Michael Turzewski Reconciling geomorphic observations with simulations of a modern landslide-dam outburst flood using GeoClaw software, eastern Himalaya
Andressa Vianna Mansur A Composite Vulnerability Index for Urban Areas in Deltaic Regions: An Application in the Amazon Delta
Enrica Viparelli Vertically continuous mass conservation in morphodynamic modeling of upper regime
Tong Wan Bedload sediment modeling at a global scale based on the WBMsed model
Dylan Ward A dynamical-statistical approach to forecasting regional glacier response to projected warming: an example from the Cordillera Real, Bolivia.
Lauren Wheeler The influence of elevation on the isotopic composition of orographically enhanced precipitation
Andrew Wickert Evolution of river valleys and terraces: a geometric approach
Amelia Winner Investigating bed erosion from pyroclastic density currents
Jilian Xiong Effect of waves on shear stress over the offshore shoal in the southern Yellow Sea
Zheyu Zhou Large-Eddy Simulation of Wave-breaking Induced Turbulent Coherent Structures and Suspended Sediment Transport on a Barred Beach