CSDMS 2016 annual meeting poster AndrewWickert

Presentation provided during SEN - CSDMS annual meeting 2016

Evolution of river valleys and terraces: a geometric approach

Andrew Wickert, University of Minnesota Minneapolis Minnesota, United States. awickert@umn.edu

CSDMS2016 poster AndrewWickert.png


River terraces are prominent flat surfaces formed at old persistent river bed elevations. They correlate with changes related to past sediment supply and base-level and therefore climate and tectonics. The goal here is to create a reduced-complexity model that obeys the physics of geomorphic processes while generating terrace surfaces for direct comparison and interpretation of river systems in the field. A simple set of rules that includes aggradation, incision, lateral migration, and angle of repose, can, when applied in sequence, reproduce many of the most salient observables of the fluvial landscape.

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