Joint CSDMS-SEN annual meeting 2016: Capturing Climate Change

SEN: Take only measurements. Leave only data

Wonsuck Kim

University of Texas, United States
Brandon McElroy University of Wyoming United States
Kimberly Miller University of Texas, Austin United States
Raleigh Martin University of California United States
Leslie Hsu USGS United States

The Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN) integrates the efforts of sediment experimentalists to build a Knowledge Base for guidance on best practices for data collection and management. The network facilitates cross-institutional collaborative experiments and communicates with the research community about data and metadata guidelines for sediment-based experiments. This effort aims to improve the efficiency and transparency of sedimentary research for field geologists and modelers as well as experimentalists.

The first part of this clinic will include a hand-on experiment using a desktop flume. We will create a physical model of a delta in a small flume on-site during the meeting. Fitting with the annual meeting theme, we will explore how delta morphology and stratigraphy capture climate change. The major goals will be to discuss the lifecycle of data and data management for experiments and to generate an example dataset for numerical model testing. Discussion will include practical aspects such as metadata requirements and naming variables.

In the second part, participants will learn how to engage in the SEN Knowledge Base and create an entry either using the collected data from the clinic experiment or participants’ own research data. We will focus our data usage and entry activities around the science theme of our experiments and associated model efforts: How do delta morphology and stratigraphy respond to external perturbations generated by climate change? We will explore to discover data from the experimentalist community, workflows, laboratory facilities and their capabilities for potential collaborations. This second part will also include discussion about a best practice for data preservation and reuse through the current infrastructure (e.g., SEN, SEAD, institutional data repositories). After getting to know the Knowledge Base and other cyberinfrastructure, we will discuss the possibility of experimentalist-modeler collaborations to address our science theme and achieve solutions to grand challenge goals.
The following google drive contains material of the clinic:

Enrollees will be contacted a couple weeks prior to the CSDMS meeting to engage in some brief pre-workshop activities to prepare for the clinic.There will be a short survey at the end about how to enhance collaborations between modeler and experimentalist communities.

More about SEN:

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