CSDMS meeting 2013

Presentations and more of the CSDMS 2013 annual meeting

CSDMS 2.0: Moving Forward

March 23-25th 2013 in Boulder Colorado, USA

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Thank You

On behalf of CSDMS, we thank the Keynote Speakers, Clinic Leaders, Session Chairs, Poster Session Presenters, members of the Executive and Steering Committees, and every participant who helped to make this a productive and successful meeting.

Meeting logistics



Keynote talks

Atkinson, John A Coupled ADCIRC and SWAN model of Hurricane Surge and Waves.
Barnhart, Katy Melting Coasts and Toppled Blocks: Modeling Coastal Erosion in Ice-Rich Permafrost Bluffs, Beaufort Sea, Alaska
Duffy, Chris Modeling The Isotopic “Age” of Water in Hydroecological Systems with PIHM
Eldred, Michael DAKOTA: An Object-Oriented Framework for Simulation-Based Iterative Analysis
Harris, Courtney Linking Sediment Transport Processes and Biogeochemistry with Application to the Louisiana Continental Shelf
Kim, Wonsuck Building a Network for Sediment Experimentalists and Modelers
Moresi, Louis Underworld: A high-performance, modular long-term tectonics code
Nienhuis, Jaap Growth and Abandonment: Quantifying First-order Controls on Wave Influenced Deltas.
Schmeeckle, Mark Turbulence- and Particle-Resolving Numerical Modeling of Sediment Transport.
Syvitski, James Welcome to CSDMS 2.0
Syvitski, James Closing of the meeting
Werder, Mauro Modeling channelized and distributed subglacial drainage in 2D
Wiberg, Patricia Welcome


Burgess, Peter Three carbonate sedimentation models for CSDMS
Clow, Gary Introduction to the Weather Research & Forecasting (WRF) System, a High-Resolution Atmospheric Model
Hauser, Thomas Python for Matlab users clinic
Hill, Mary Toward Transparent, Refutable Hydrologic Models in Kansas or Oz
Liu, Xiaofeng Modeling of Earth Surface Dynamics and Related Problems using OpenFOAM®.
Meiburg, Eckart TURBINS using PETSc
Mitasova, Helena Modeling and analysis of evolving landscapes in GRASS GIS
Overeem, Irina CMT clinic
Peckham, Scott Introduction to the Basic Model Interface and CSDMS Standard Names
Rajaram, Hari A very basic introduction to numerical methods for scientific computing
Reniers, Ad Dune erosion and overwash with XBeach

Breakout groups

CSDMS Group Title Download
Terrestrial WG (Greg Tucker) CSDMS and the Terrestrial World: Looking Back, Looking Forward pptx | pdf
Marine WG (Courtney Harris) Notes of the Marine Working Group pptx | pdf
Carbonate FRG (Peter Burgess) Notes of the Carbonate Focus Research Group pptx | pdf
Cyberinformatics and Numerics WG (Eckart Meiburg) Notes of the Cyberinformatics and Numerics Working Group pptx | pdf
Education and Knowledge Transfer (EKT) WG (Sam Bentley) Summary of the Education and Knowledge Transfer (EKT) Working Group pptx | pdf
Hydrology FRG (Jon Goodall) Summary of the Hydrology Focus Research Group pptx | pdf
Coastal WG (Brad Murray) Summary of the Coastal Working Group pdf
Hydrology FRG (Brad Murray) Summary of the Coastal Vulnerability Initiative pdf


Is your poster not displayed below? Please email your poster to:CSDMSweb@colorado.edu. We can open a FTP site for you if the poster is to large to email. Thank you!

Author(s) Title Download (pdf)
Laura Alvarez Numerical modeling of turbulence and sediment transport in lateral recirculation zones along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon CSDMS2013 poster LauraAlvarez.png
Dan Ames HydroDesktop and the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System CSDMS2013 poster DanAmes.png
Leif Anderson The effects of interannual climate variability on the extraction of climate estimates from glacial moraines
Andrew Ashton On a Neck, On a Spit
Abed Benaichouche Landscape evolution models and stream piracies phenomena CSDMS2013 poster AbedBenaichouche.png
Rebecca Caldwell A morphodynamic link between grain size and delta morphology CSDMS2013 poster RebeccaCaldwell.png
Alberto Canestrelli A volume of fluid method for bank erosion in Delft3D CSDMS2013 poster AlbertoCanestrelli.png
Jun Cheng Cross-shore and Vertical Distribution of Turbulence Kinetic Energy in the surf zone generated by plunging breakers
Andrea D'Alpaos Biologic-Geomorphic feedbacks that sculpt tidal landscapes CSDMS2013 poster AndreaDAlpaos.png
Celso Ferreira Implications of land-cover changes caused by sea-level rise on hurricane storm surge damage
France Floc'h 2D modelisation of non-hydrostatic internal waves on idealised embankment CSDMS2013 poster FranceFloch.png
Carl Friedrichs Combining Observations and Numerical Model Results to Improve Estimates of Hypoxic Volume Within the Chesapeake Bay CSDMS2013 poster CarlFriedrichs.png
Nicole Gasparini Landlab: a component-based software modeling environment for computational Earth-surface processes modeling CSDMS2011 poster NicoleGasparini.png
Jianwei Han Exploring the mechanisms that control valley spacing in higher order fluvial channels with the CHILD Model
Stephanie Higgins Land Subsidence at Aquaculture Facilities in the Yellow River Delta, China CSDMS2013 poster StephanieHiggins.png
Kim Picard Insights into late Quaternary events on the Beaufort Shelf and Slope from sea level and stratigraphic modeling
Mary Hill Exploring Models CSDMS2013 poster MaryHill.png
Siavash Hoomehr Combined Effects of Climate Change and Urbanization on Cohesive Streambank Erosion CSDMS2013 poster SiavashHoomehr.png
Alan Howard Simulating Fine-grained Alluvial Fan Sedimentation CSDMS2013 poster AlanHoward.png
Leslie Hsu Data Services for Long Tail Science at the Integrated Earth Data Applications (IEDA) Data Facility CSDMS2013 poster LeslieHsu.png
Ben Hudson Model-Assisted River Discharge Estimates CSDMS2013 poster BenHudson.png
Elchin Jafarov The effect of snow: How to better model ground surface temperatures CSDMS2013 poster ElchinJafarov.png
Chris Jenkins Globally extensive, Subgrid scale, Seafloor Drag (z0) for Input to Models CSDMS2013 poster ChrisJenkins.png
Anna Kelbert A vision for EarthCube from the perspective of solid Earth geophysics
Jeremy Kerr A 3-D cellular depositional model of platform evolution delivered at fine scale CSDMS2013 poster JeremyKerr.png
Laurel Larsen Cellular automata modeling of flow-vegetation-sediment interactions in low-gradient environments CSDMS2013 poster LaurelLarsen.png
Li Li Integrated modeling of coupled flow, transport, and biogeochemical processes in the natural subsurface CSDMS2013 poster LiLi.png
Jorge Lorenzo Trueba A simple morphodynamic model of coastal barrier response to rising sea level CSDMS2013 poster JorgeLorenzoTrueba.png
Nathan Lyons Landscape Evolution Models as a Public Education Tool CSDMS2013 poster NathanLyons.png
Phu Nguyen Modeling the Upper Little Missouri River flash flood 2010 Using a Coupled Distributed Hydrologic and Hydraulic Model CSDMS2013 poster PhuNguyen.png
Andrew Nicholas Morphodynamic modeling of large anabranching rivers CSDMS2013 poster AndrewNicholas.png
Jaap Nienhuis Growth and abandonment: quantifying first-order controls on wave influenced deltas
Sai Siddhartha Nudurupati Integration of an ‘Eco-hydrologic Component’ to a Generic Gridding Engine for 2D Modeling of Earth-Surface Dynamics CSDMS2013 poster SaiSiddharthaNudurupati.png
Elizabeth Olhsson The Dynamic Watershed and Coastal Ocean: Predicting Biogeochemical Linkages and Variability over Decadal Time Scales CSDMS2013 poster ElizabethOlhsson.png
Alejandra Ortiz A Mophodynamic Explanation for the Shoreface Depth of Closure CSDMS2013 poster AlejandraOrtiz.png
Irina Overeem Modeling of Waves and Storm Surge along the Arctic Coast of Alaska CSDMS2013 poster IrinaOvereem.png
Hans-Peter Plag Towards a Model Web for Sustainability on a Changing Planet CSDMS2013 poster HansPeterPlag.png
Kimberly Rogers Modeling floodplain dynamics: Can the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta keep pace with 21st century sea level rise? CSDMS2013 poster KimberlyRogers.png
Samuel Roy The Influence of Tectonic Strain on Landscape Evolution CSDMS2013 poster SamuelRoy.png
Greg Tucker A Generic "Gridding Engine" for 2D Modeling of Earth-Surface Dynamics CSDMS2013 poster GregTucker.png
Mark Schmeeckle Turbulence- and particle-resolving numerical modeling of sediment transport
Phaedra Upton Coupled models place constraints on fluvial input into Lake Ohau, New Zealand CSDMS2013 poster PhaedraUpton.png
Fei Xing Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana: Factors Controlling Hydrodynamics and Morphological Changes during Hurricane Rita (2005) CSDMS2013 poster FeiXing.png
Qian Zhang Long-term Seasonal Trends of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Suspended Sediment Load from the Non-tidal Susquehanna River Basin to Chesapeake Bay CSDMS2013 poster QianZhang.png

pictures of the meeting

We hope to see you during the next CSDMS meeting!