CSDMS 2013 annual meeting poster Chris Jenkins

Presentation provided during CSDMS annual meeting 2013

Globally extensive, Subgrid scale, Seafloor Drag (z0) for Input to Models

Chris Jenkins, instaar Boulder Colorado, United States. chris.jenkins@colorado.edu
Enda O'Dea, UK Met Office Exeter NO STATE, United Kingdom. enda.odea@metoffice.gov.uk

CSDMS2013 poster ChrisJenkins.png


By using spatially-varying estimates of seabed bottom drag (z0) the performance of ocean current and tide numerical models may be improved. To an extent, the seabed database dbSEABED is able to supply these values from data on the seabed materials and features. But then adjustments for varying dynamic (wave, flow) conditions are also required. So the data and model must work closely together. We developed methods for calculating inputs of z0 for circulation models in this way. Preliminary outputs from this new globally capable facility are demonstrated for the NW European Shelf region (NWES).

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