CSDMS meeting 2022

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Presentations and more of the CSDMS 2022 annual meeting

CSDMS 2022: Environmental Extremes and Earthscape Evolution (E4)

May 17-21th 2022 in Boulder Colorado, USA

Thank You

On behalf of CSDMS, we thank the Keynote Speakers, Clinic Leaders, Session Chairs, Poster Session Presenters, members of the Executive and Steering Committees, and every participant who helped to make this a productive and successful meeting.


Click here to view the final agenda.

Keynote talks

PresenterTitle and links to additional material and recordings
Anarde, Katherine Simulating linkages between landscape evolution and coastal real estate markets with the CoAStal Community-lAnDscape Evolution (CASCADE) model
Bell, Andrew Modeling big unknowns in climate adaptation research – an example from mobility in coastal Bangladesh
Bennett, Georgie Modeling Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Basin Sediment Transfer
Chue Hong, Neil Software sustainability and FAIR for research software - what does this mean for research into environmental extremes?
Discussion, Panel Panel discussion on environmental extremes
Gorr, Alexander ProDF: A reduced-complexity model for debris-flow inundation
Lakshmi, Venkataraman Global Hydrological Water Cycle Extremes
Lowman, Lauren Modeling Eco-hydrologic Processes Across Scales in Montane Cloud Forests
McGuire, Luke Modeling the transient effects of fire on runoff and erosion: Implications for debris-flow hazards
Moodie, Andrew A Flexible Delta Model to Assess Land Building Potential of Sediment Diversions under Various External Forcings
Stamps, D. Sarah 3D Computational Modeling of Lithospheric Deformation, Asthenospheric Flow, and Deep Melt Generation with ASPECT
Student Presentations, Spring School Spring School Student Presentations
Tangi, Marco D-CASCADE: a basin-scale, dynamic model to analyze river sediment (dis)connectivity and its response to anthropic pressures
Tucker, Greg State of CSDMS
Zhang, Fengyuan Interoperability engine design for model sharing and reuse among OpenMI, BMI and OpenGMS-IS model standards


PresenterTitle and links to additional material and recordings
Banihirwe, Anderson Xarray for Scalable Scientific Data Analysis
Gabel, Vanessa Clinic 2: Introduction to Landlab: Getting to know the Grid and Coupling Components
Hariharan, Jayaram Rapid hypothesis testing and analysis with the open-source delta model pyDeltaRCM
Hutton, Eric Clinic 3: Component Creation with Landlab
Liao, Chang Variable resolution mesh based flow direction and hydrologic modeling: An introduction to HexWatershed
Ludaescher, Bertram Publishing Reproducible Computational Research with the Whole Tale
Overeem, Irina Teaching with Jupyter NoteBooks
Roth, Danica Environmental seismology and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS)
Thurber, Travis Modeling Water Movement and Reservoir Operations with mosartwmpy
Tucker, Greg Clinic 1: The Art of Modeling: From Concept to Math with Mass, Energy, and Momentum Balance

Poster Abstracts

NameAbstract title postersPoster
Afolabi, Matthew Wave and fluvial discharge interaction along a multichannel delta coastline: A numerical modelling analysislink=https://csdms.colorado.edu/csdms_wiki/images/SJH - CSDMS2022_mattAfolabi0505.pdf
Aranguiz, Tamara Modeling the effects of detachment and entrainment of sediment in fault-crossing channels in strike-slip faults
Arcuri, Josie Modeling icy riverbank erosion into permafrost
Barnes, Richard Fill-Spill-Merge: Fast flow modeling in nested depressions
Best, Kelsea Comparing multiple methods of decision-making in an agent-based model of environmental migration
Cohen, Sagy Spatial Trends and Drivers of Bedload and Suspended Sediment Fluxes in Global Rivers
Cúñez, Fernando David Role of fluid-drag force and particle interactions on shape-induced segregation in sediment transport
Dale, Jedidiah Disentangling controls on bedrock valley morphology of the Upper Mississippi River Valley
Daud Masungulwa, Ntambila Simon Elucidating the Magma Plumbing System of the Active Volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai, Natron Rift, Tanzania Using Geodesy and Numerical Modeling
Davis, Julianne Delta progradation and lake infilling in the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada
DeLisle, Clarke Insights from new model for river incision accounting for stochastic water and sediment discharge
Dunn, Campbell The Depression Hierarchy and Python Bindings: Quantifying Internally-Drained Regions
Feehan, Scott Exploring the utility of a probability-based river bed evolution model
Gabel, Vanessa Rivers and Rocks: A New Model for River Profile Evolution with Heterogeneous Substrate and Bedload Transport
García-Sánchez, Guillermo Developments towards global coupled ocean modelling of waves and storm surges.
Gelfenbaum, Guy Modeling Tsunami Inundation and Sediment Transport to Characterize Earthquake Source Parameters from Tsunami Deposits
Geller, Tina Implementing a numerical hydrodynamic model for an Arctic estuary
Gillen, Megan Understanding shoreface equilibrium morphology: combining geologic and wave climate data with an energetics-based model
Gonzalez, Christian Riverbank stability and cross-stream sediment diffusion governed by turbulence
Gorr, Alexander ProDF: A reduced-complexity model for debris-flow inundation
Gray, Harrison Comparing sedimentological facies with modeled sediment transport pathways in fault scarp environments
Guryan, Grace Channel Incision in Layered Rocks: Insights from the SPACE Model
Idowu, Dorcas Megacities and Climate Change: An environmental implication of Urbanization on Ten Megacities in different climatic regions.
Istanbulluoglu, Erkan How does precipitation variability control bedload response across a mountainous channel network?
Jenkins, Chris Event Severity vs Frequency for a Patch of Seabed using Extreme Value Analysis (EVA)
Keck, Jeffrey Mass Wasting Router: A watershed-scale sediment production and transport model
Kelley, Madeline A new explanation for bedrock-pediment incisions under toe-moving conditions described as a diffusive system
Kuhasubpasin, Boontigan Examining connections between tectonic stress fields, fault development, and drainage patterns on a global scale
Langston, Abigail Modeling the development of wide bedrock valleys as a function of collapsed bedrock block size, bed sediment, and discharge variability
Lipp, Alex Generating geochemical maps from river sediment samples: an inverse modelling approach
Litwin, David Evolving hydrological landscapes: diverse morphologies and hydrological processes emerge from a coupled hydrogeomorphic model
Liu, Haoran Physical Impacts on Biogeochemical Dynamics of a Lagoon- Estuary System
Madoff, Risa Regional Erosion Rates Show Strong Climate-Driven Variability in the Arctic Since the LGM
Moulton, Melissa Coupling hydrology and ocean models to forecast pathways of contaminants from land to the ocean during extreme flood events
Narayanan, Anuska Sediment Response to Deforestation in the Amazon River Basin
Nimni, Nishat Farzana Coupled Modeling of Storm Surge and Fluvial Flooding of Maryland Coastal Bays
Overeem, Irina Sediment Transport in Permafrost Landscapes
Pierce, Ethan Numerical modeling of subglacial sediment entrainment
Ruiz Sánchez-Oro, Marina Concavity controls on river incision in precipitation-dominated settings
Sanks, Kelly Marsh deposition has a first-order control on channel properties and kinematics in an experimental river delta
Sheehan, Christopher Modeling Future Sediment Transport Variations at a Watershed-Scale Using Landlab: A Preliminary Example from the Chestatee River in Northern Georgia, USA.
Sherwood, Chris Modeling an Exceptional Barrier-Island Erosion Event with an Ocean Model
Shobe, Charles Inverting passive margin stratigraphy for marine sediment transport dynamics over geologic time
Sincavage, Ryan The influence of geologically instantaneous, event-scale processes on basin-scale sediment dispersal patterns
Stoica, Maria The Scientific Variables Ontology: What is it and how can it help you?
Talebpour, Mahdad Sensitivity of high-resolution WRF model to initialization starting point
Undzis, Brianna Implementation of a Hydrodynamic - Sediment Transport Model for the Beaufort Sea Shelf
Vulis, Lawrence Multiscale analysis of shoreline structure to classify river deltas
Zhang, Mel The Seismic Signature of Tree-Captured Wind

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