2022 CSDMS meeting-008


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Physical Impacts on Biogeochemical Dynamics of a Lagoon- Estuary System

Haoran Liu, University of Maryland Eastern Shore Princess Anne Maryland, United States. hliu@umes.edu

Most of the estuaries and lagoons around the globe are unique and have distinct but irregular shorelines and bathymetries and normally surround by highly developed watersheds with expanding agriculture and urbanization in mid and low latitudes. It is important to understand influence of environmental perturbations on the local coastal ecosystems. This project aims to develop a model for water quality and phytoplankton dynamics in the Maryland Coastal Bays during various physical conditions and to provide a prototype to other global estuaries and lagoons. The preliminary results indicated that model was able to well capture the observed seasonal chlorophyll-a and nutrients distribution patterns; and the weak discrepancy in vertical distributions of phytoplankton was mainly caused by dominated wind and tidal mixing effect in the shallow of water column. The research outputs will link modeling with local policymakers for ecological restoration and harmful algal bloom prevention by optimizing the amount of nutrient reduction in freshwater inflow to restore the ecosystem and making timely predictions of harmful algal blooms under different weather conditions. The estimation and discussion towards the spatial and temporal variabilities of phytoplankton distribution under extreme weathers will provide reference for ecological studies in MCBs and other similar lagoon systems around the world.