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  • Cyberinformatics and Numerics Working Group
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group
  • Critical Zone Focus Research Group
  • Human Dimensions Focus Research Group
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  • Coastal Vulnerability Initiative
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  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Initiative
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  • River Network Modeling Initiative

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List of models that do not hand out the source code

BITM Barrier Island Translation model Masetti, Riccardo
BTLESS Regional Ecological Model for Coastal Wetlands Reyes, Enrique
CASCADE Large scale SPM based on irregular spatial discretization Braun, Jean
CBIRM Coupled Barrier Island-Resort Model McNamara, Dylan
CELLS Landscape simulation model Sklar, Fred
CSt ASMITA Aggregate scale morphodynamic model of integrated coastal systems Niedoroda, Alan
CarboLOT Population-ecology based model of shallow-ocean benthic carbonate accumulation Jenkins, Chris
CellularFanDelta Coarse-grained delta dynamics and stratigraphy Wolinsky, Matthew
D'Alpaos model Tidal network and marsh model D'Alpaos, Andrea
DECAL Aeolian dune landscape model Baas, Andreas
Dionisos 3D basin-scale stratigraphic model Granjeon, Didier
FluidMud Wave-phase resolving numerical model for fluid mud transport Hsu, Tian-Jian
FuzzyReef Fuzzy logic model to model microbial reef development Parcell, William
GENESIS GENEralized model for SImulating Shoreline change Gravens, Mark
GPM Sedimentary process modeling software Tetzlaff, Daniel
GSSHA Coupled distributed engineering hydrology, sediment, contaminant fate/transport Ogden, Fred
Gvg3Dp 3D Numerical Simulation of Turbidity Currents Nasr Azadani, Mohamad Mehdi
HEBEM Hydrologically Enhanced Basin Evolution Model Niemann, Jeffrey
Kirwan marsh model Ecomorphoydamic model of marsh elevation and channel evolution Kirwan, Matthew
Lake-Permafrost with Subsidence 1-D lake-permafrost thermal model with subsidence. Matell, Nora
Marsh column model Simulates sediment, roots and carbon accumulating in a 1D marsh profile. Mudd, Simon
Physprop Calculates the acoustic values based on physical properties Pratson, Lincoln
QDSSM Quantitative Dynamic Sequence Stratigraphic Model Postma, George
RASCAL Landscape evolution resulting from feedback between flow, vegetation, and sediment Larsen, Laurel
RCPWAVE Regional Coastal Processes Wave Model Gravens, Mark
SBEACH Numerical Model for Simulating Storm-Induce Beach Change Gravens, Mark
SEDPAK Models the sedimentary fill of basins Kendall, Christopher
SEOM Spectral Element Ocean Model Haidvogel, Dale
SIMSAFADIM Finite element model for fluid flow, clastic, carbonate and evaporate sedimentation Bitzer, Klaus
SRH-1D One-dimensional cross section based hydraulic and mobile-bed sediment transport model Greimann, Blair
SedPlume SedPlume simulates glacial meltwater plume dynamics and sedimentation. Mugford, Ruth
Shoreline Coastal evolution model Peckham, Scott
SimClast basin-scale 3D stratigraphic model Dalman, Rory
Spbgc 2D Numerical Simulation of Turbidity Currents Borden, Zachary
TOPMODEL Physically based, distributed watershed model that simulates hydrologic fluxes of water through a watershed Beven, Keith *
TUGS Fluvial gravel and sand transport model Cui, Yantao
TreeThrow Sediment transport by tree throw on hillslopes Kirwan, Matthew
WASH123D Watershed Model, River Hydraulics, Overland Flow, Subsurface Flow, Sediment Transport, Water Quality Transport Yeh, Gour-Tsyh (George)
WEPP Process-based soil erosion by water at field/farm scale Flanagan, Dennis
WWTM The WWTM (Wind Wave Tidal Model) has been developed to describe hydrodynamic and wind-wave generation and propagation within shallow tidal environments Carniello, Luca

Questionnaires still need to be filled out for the following models:

Program Description Developer Source code
Geombest Model: A model that simulates the evolution of coastal morphology and stratigraphy resulting from changes in sea level and sediment supply. Moore, Laura
SDM Model: Shelf Deposition Model Wolinsky, Matt
Sequence4 Model: Stratigraphic model, focused on the long-term development of stratigraphic sequences Steckler, Michael
SiAM3D Model: 3D hydrodynamic model based on the hydrostatic and Boussinesq approximations Cayocca, Florence
SLAMM model Model: Sea Level Affecting Marshes model Park, Richard & Clough, Jonathan
SLOSH Model: Sea, Lake and Overland Surges from Hurricanes National Hurricane Center
SPEM Model: Shoreface profile evolution model Stive, Marcel
SRSM Model: Soft-Rock Shoreline Model Walkden, Mike
STM Model: Shoreline Translation Model Cowell, Peter
WAM Model: Global ocean WAve prediction Model Jensen, Robert

Questionnaires still need to be filled out for the following models:

Program Description Developer Source code
NearshorePOM Model: Nearshore version of POM (Princeton Ocean Model) Kirby, Jim

Questionnaires still need to be filled out for the next models:

Program Description Developer Source code
Carb sedsim Model: ... Hill, John
CARB3D Model: Forward Simulation Model for Sedimentary Architecture and Near-Surface Diagenesis in Isolated Carbonate Platforms Warrlich, Waltham
CARB3D+ Model: Forward Simulation Model for Sedimentary Architecture and Near-Surface Diagenesis in Isolated Carbonate Platforms Smart, Peter