CSDMS meeting 2011

Presentations and more of the CSDMS 2011 annual meeting

Impact of time and process scales

October 28-30th 2011 in Boulder Colorado, USA

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Special Issue

One of the outcomes of this meeting was a Special Issue of Computers & Geosciences, volume 53, ISSN 0098-3004, that will be published April, 2013. Thank you to all authors as well as the reviewers for their effort!

Thank You

On behalf of CSDMS, we thank our Sponsors for their generosity as well as the valuable contributions of all of the Keynote Speakers, Clinic Leaders, Session Chairs, Poster Session Presenters, members of the Executive and Steering Committees, and every participant who helped to make this a productive and successful meeting.


Keynote talks

Abad, Jorge Morphodynamics and river modeling
Anderson, Bob Glacier hydrological modeling
Barton, Michael High resolution surface process modeling in a GRASS GIS environment
Canestrelli, Alberto Tidal channels and estuarine dynamics
Choi, Eunseo Bridging surface dynamics to tectonic modeling with SNAC
Fekete, Balazs Global hydrology
Goodall, Jonathan Integrated modeling & data access - CUAHSI HIS hydroModeler
Jafarov, Elchin Modeling permafrost - a CMT component
Liang, Man A reduced-complexity channel-resolving model for sedimentary delta formation
Manduca, Cathy Quantitative modeling and education
Maxwell, Reed Towards a complete description of the hydrologic cycle: Large scale simulations with the open-source, parallel, ParFlow hydrologic model
Meiberg, Eckart Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) modeling and upscaling
Reniers, Ad XBeach modeling at a range of temporal and spatial scales
Scully, Malcolm A simple model for oxygen dynamics in Chesapeake Bay
Seitzinger, Sybil GlobalNEWS - C & Nutrient Transport Modeling
Slingerland, Rudy Welcome
Sture, Stein Word of appreciation of the Univ. Colorado Vice-Chancellor for Research
Syvitski, James CSDMS accomplishments
Villaret, Catherine The Telemac system, from small scale processes to large scale applications
Ward, Dylan Modeling the glacial-interglacial impact of the Pacific trade wind inversion on the geomorphology and hydrology of the Big Island of Hawai'i
Wiberg, Patricia Scaling marine sediment transport
Wickert, Andrew Feedbacks between surface processes and flexural isostasy: a motivation for coupling models


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Author(s) Title Download (pdf)
Liang, Man
Voller, Vaughan
Paola, Chris
A New Reduced-Complexity Channel-Resolving Model for Delta Formation CSDMS2011 poster ManLiang.png
Xing, Fei
Kettner, Albert
Ashton, Andrew
Hutton, Eric
Syvitski, James
Exploring river-wave dominated delta evolution applying a model-coupling approach CSDMS2011 poster FeiXing.png
Higgins, Stephanie
Syvitski, James
Overeem, Irina
Mapping Delta Subsidence with Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (InSAR) CSDMS2011 poster StephanieHiggins.png
Cohen, Sagy
Kettner, Albert
Syvitski, James
Improved water discharge predictions in WBMsedv2.0, a Global riverine Sediment Flux model CSDMS2011 poster SagyCohen.png
Barnhart, Katherine
Anderson, Robert
Overeem, Irina
Wobus, Cameron
Clow, Gary
Urban, Frank
LeWinter, Adam
Stanton, T
Comparing Observed and Predicted Hourly Arctic Coastal Erosion Rates, Alaska CSDMS2011 poster KatherineBarnhart.png
Borden, Zachary
Meiburg, Eckart
Glinsky, Michael
Kanarska, Yuliya
Direct numerical simulation of sediment erosion CSDMS2011 poster ZacharyBorden.png
Ferreira, Celso
Irish, Jennifer
Olivera, Francisco
Numerical Modeling of the Impact of Wetlands on Hurricane Storm Surge in Coastal Bays CSDMS2011 poster CelsoFerreira.png
Lorenzo Trueba, Jorge
Voller, Vaughan
Paola, Chris
A model framework for fluvial-delta evolution that accounts for the accumulation of organic sediment CSDMS2011 poster JorgeTrueba.png
Nasr-Azadani, Mohamad
Meiburg, Eckart
TURBINS: A computational tool for three-dimensional, high-resolution simulations of particle-laden flows CSDMS2011 poster MohamadNasr-Azadani.png
Burpee, Alex
Slingerland, Rudy
Edmonds, Dough
Relationships between sediment caliber and delta shoreline geometry and stratigraphy CSDMS2011 poster AlexBurpee.png
Safak, Ilgar
Wiberg, Patricia
Modeling sediment transport processes and residence times in the shallow coastal bay complex of the Virginia Coast Reserve CSDMS2011 poster IlgarSafak.png
Yu, Chunshui
Duan, Jennifer
Depth-Averaged Two Dimensional Model Using Cartesian Cut-Cell Approach CSDMS2011 poster ChunshuiYu.png
Friedrichs, Carl
Bever, Aaron
Friedrichs, Marjorie
Scully, Malcolm
Estuarine Hypoxia Testbed Team
Results of the US IOOS Testbed for Comparison of Hydrodynamic Models of the Chesapeake Bay CSDMS2011 poster CarlFriedrichs.png
Potts, Donald
Jenkins, Chris
Burgess, Peter
Fabian, Rachel
O'Brien, Helen
A Knowledge Base Supporting Biologically-Based Carbonate Modeling CSDMS2011 poster DonaldPotts.png
Jenkins, Chris Temporal-spatial features of Biologically-Based Carbonate Modeling CSDMS2011 poster ChrisJenkins.png
Mugford, Ruth
Christoffersen, Poul
Dowdeswell, Julian
Modeling a Continuous Permafrost Basin on the North Slope of Alaska CSDMS2011 poster RuthMugford.png
Choi, Eunseo Landslide rupture and length-depth scaling CSDMS2011 poster EunseoChoi.png
Zanardo, Stefano
Nourani, Vahid
Foufoula-Georgiou, Efi
A wavelet-based DEM regularization methodology aimed at improving distributed rainfall-runoff modeling CSDMS2011 poster StefanoZanardo.png
Lewis, Ted
Welles, Edwin
Gijsbers, Peter
Using the Flood Early Warning System with Ocean Modeling Data CSDMS2011 poster TedLewis.png
Kim, Wonsuck Sea-level rise, depth-dependent carbonate growth, and the paradox of drowned platforms CSDMS2011 poster WonsuckKim.png
Murray, Brad
Lazarus, El
Ashton, Andrew
Tebbens, Sarah
Burroughs, Stephen
Don’t upscale the coastline; scales of cumulative change emerge CSDMS2011 poster BradMurray.png
Picard, Kim The complexity of modeling a glaciated shelf using SEDFLUX CSDMS2011 poster KimPicard.png
Vanmaercke, Matthias
Kettner, Albert
van den Eeckhaut, Miet
Poesen, Jean
Govers, Gerard
Mamaliga, Anna
Verstraeten, Gert
Radoane, Maria
Predicting sediment yields from undisturbed catchments: the dominant role of tectonics CSDMS2011 poster MatthiasVanmaercke.png
Ashton, Andrew
Ortiz, Alejandra
Lane, Phil
Donnelly, Jeffrey
Characteristic Timescales of Shoreface Response to Sea-Level Rise
Burns, Peter
Meiburg, Eckart
Instabilities in particle-laden systems
Eakins, Barry A new way to access digital elevation models
Harris, Courtney
Rinehimer, Paul
Sherwood, Christopher
Using a three-dimensional coupled sediment – hydrodynamic model to explore feedbacks between erodibility and sediment trapping in a partially mixed estuary, York River, VA
Hinzman, Larry The Need for System Scale Studies in Polar Regions
Kasprak, Alan
Wheaton, Joseph
Modeling Gravel Bed River Morphodynamics Using a Step-Length Based Approach
Le Bouteiller, Caroline A velocity-dependant friction law for flexible vegetation in a 2D hydrodynamic model
Overeem, Irina Floodplain Deposition Modeling: Time and Spatial Scale Issues
Perignon, Mariela
Tucker, Greg
van der Beek, Peter
Hilley, George
Arrowsmith, Ramon
Using Neighborhood-Algorithm Inversion to Test and Calibrate Landscape Evolution Models
Sherwood, Chris
Aretxabaleta, Alfredo
Stratigraphic Modeling in ROMS
Singh, Arvind
Reinhardt, Liam
Foufoula-Georgiou, Efi
Landscape response to climate change: Insights from an experimental model


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