CSDMS 2011 annual meeting poster Man Liang

Presentation provided during CSDMS annual meeting 2011

A new channel-resolving reduced-romplexity model for sedimentary delta formation

Man Liang, SAFL, University of Minnesota Minneapolis Minnesota, USA. liang095@umn.edu
Vaughan Voller, SAFL, University of Minnesota Minneapolis Minnesota, USA. volle001@umn.edu
Chris Paola, SAFL, University of Minnesota Minneapolis Minnesota, USA. cpaola@umn.edu

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Sedimentary delta formation varies over a wide range of time and space scales. Reduced-complexity models offer a worthwhile means of retaining key dynamics and phenomena in delta morphodynamics through employing approximate but physically reliable descriptions of governing transport equations. To that end, we developed a cellular rule-based model, using a “directed” random-walk to determine the flow field, coupled with empirically based sediment transport schemes, following an Exner equation combining bedload and suspended load. Preliminary results provide physically reasonable 3-dimensional topographical features, as well as dynamic processes like channel avulsions and bifurcations. Stratigraphy is also recorded. The flexibility of the modeling framework makes each building block to be updated separately, which will allow for the ready extension to include additional phenomena such as waves and tides.

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