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Model type Single
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Note on status model
Date note status model
Spatial dimensions 3D
Spatial extent Regional-Scale
Model domain Carbonates and Biogenics
One-line model description Fuzzy logic model to model microbial reef development
Extended model description FuzzyReef is a three-dimensional (3D) numerical stratigraphic model that simulates the development of microbial reefs using fuzzy logic (multi-valued logic) modeling methods. The flexibility of the model allows for the examination of a large number of variables. This model has been used to examine the importance of local environmental conditions and global changes on the frequency of reef development relative to the temporal and spatial constraints from Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian) Smackover reef datasets from two Alabama oil fields.

The fuzzy model simulates the deposition of reefs and carbonate facies through integration of local and global variables. Local-scale factors include basement relief, sea-level change, climate, latitude, water energy, water depth, background sedimentation rate, and substrate conditions. Regional and global-scale changes include relative sea-level change, climate, and latitude.


stratigraphic model, microbial reef,

Name William Parcell
Type of contact Model developer
Institute / Organization Wichita State University
Postal address 1 1845 Fairmount Avenue, Box 27
Postal address 2
Town / City Wichita
Postal code 67260-0027
State Kansas
Country United States
Email address
Phone 316-978-3141

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Start year development 1999
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Program license type GPL v2
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Memory requirements 512Mb
Typical run time 5 minutes

Describe input parameters Parameters:
  1. Spatial
  2. Temporal
  3. Initial 'basement' topography
  4. Relative sea level curve
  5. Climate (arid, temperate, humid)
  6. Latitude
Input format ASCII
Other input format
Describe output parameters Dynamic variables:
  1. water energy
  2. depositional (seafloor) slope

Final output:

  1. carbonate productivity rate
  2. depositional facies
Output format ASCII
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Pre-processing software needed? No
Describe pre-processing software
Post-processing software needed? Yes
Describe post-processing software A 3D visualization software package.
Visualization software needed? Yes
If above answer is yes
Other visualization software any visualization package that can import ASCII or Excel tables (X,Y,Z)

Describe processes represented by the model Process:
  1. carbonate productivity and deposition
  2. winnowing
  3. reef development
  4. carbonate depositional facies

Model determines these through five deterministic and fuzzy steps:

  1. data input
  2. data fuzzification
  3. fuzzy rule analysis
  4. aggregation of results
  5. defuzzification
Describe key physical parameters and equations See above
Describe length scale and resolution constraints Model does not place any spatial constraints.
Describe time scale and resolution constraints Temporal scale and resolution determined by user. Model adjusts process and output to the temporal increment chosen by user.
Describe any numerical limitations and issues Some of the fuzzy logic methods do not produce unique results as there are a variety of method choices that best 'match' test data. For example, the user can choose a variety of aggregation methods to calculate final carbonate facies and productivity values.

Describe available calibration data sets
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