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Note on status model
Date note status model
Spatial dimensions 3D
Spatial extent
Model domain Coastal, Terrestrial
One-line model description Coarse-grained delta dynamics and stratigraphy
Extended model description 3D cellular model simulating delta evolution in coarse grained river dominated systems (e.g. a gravel fan delta).

delta evolution, stratigraphy, coarse grain,

Name Matthew Wolinsky
Type of contact Model developer
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Postal code 77001
State Texas
Country United States
Email address
Phone 713-245-8384

Supported platforms
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Programming language

C++, Matlab

Other program language (Programmed as C MEX files called from Matlab. Currently the two languages are intertwined, but could be modularized).
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Multiple processors implemented
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Start year development 2006
Does model development still take place? Yes
If above answer is no, provide end year model development
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Model availability As code
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Source web address
Source csdms web address
Program license type GPL v2
Program license type other
Memory requirements --
Typical run time hours to days

Describe input parameters Domain dimensions and cell size (regular 2D grid). Initial condition.

Locations and rates of sediment and water influxes. Subsidence pattern and rate. Sea level curve. (Presently all boundary conditions are constant, but could vary in space and time in future versions)

Input format ASCII
Other input format Runs from Matlab command line
Describe output parameters Time series of 2D topography/bathymetry and water discharge. 3D stratigraphy grid

(currently model is single grain-size, so stratigraphy only stores deposit age)

Output format ASCII
Other output format 2D grids can be ASCII, but stratigraphy is custom-designed structure stored in Matlab format.
Pre-processing software needed? Yes
Describe pre-processing software Post-processing and (pre-processing) is through Matlab scripts.
Post-processing software needed? Yes
Describe post-processing software Post-processing and (pre-processing) is through Matlab scripts.
Visualization software needed? Yes
If above answer is yes Matlab
Other visualization software

Describe processes represented by the model The key processes are 1) topographically-driven overland flow and 2) bedload transport by this flow. Through these processes the model self-organizes channels which incise, back-fill, and avulse. Processes are similar to alluvial fans. There are no marine processes besides bedload dumping.
Describe key physical parameters and equations Topographic slope-weighted multiple flow direction water routing. Stream power transport.
Describe length scale and resolution constraints There are two primary constraints:
  1. Like most topographically-routed cellular river models, incised channels in the model will always be one cell wide. Hence it should not be applied at scales where the cell size is much less than main channel widths.
  2. The model does not really simulate low-Froude low-slope rivers such as most large coastal deltas. However processes are similar to many other codes (e.g. DIONISOS) commonly used for large-scale deltas. If primary questions are about large-scale basin filling on O(10 ka) or longer timescales the model should be fine. However when questions relate to details of sub-millenial geomorphic processes or reservoir-scale stratigraphic architecture, some care must be taken in interpreting model results.
Describe time scale and resolution constraints See above.
Describe any numerical limitations and issues Numerical limitations and issues:
  1. Currently the model runs with a constant timestep, which is limited by the maximum inflow. Future versions may include adaptive time-stepping.
  2. As mentioned above, the model channels tend to be one or two cells wide. Future versions may address this issue with some combination of diffusive regularization or multi-scale modeling.

Describe available calibration data sets
Upload calibration data sets if available:
Describe available test data sets
Upload test data sets if available:
Describe ideal data for testing Coarse-grained delta experiments without too valley widening, e.g. many XES experiments conducted at the Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory by Paola et al.

Do you have current or future plans for collaborating with other researchers? Possibly
Is there a manual available? No
Upload manual if available:
Model website if any
Model forum / discussion board

This part will be filled out by CSDMS staff

OpenMI compliant No but possible
BMI compliant No but possible
WMT component No but possible
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