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  • Model:TauDEM  + (A suite of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) tools for the extraction and analysis of hydrologic information from topography as represented by a DEM. TauDEM 5 is a new version implemented to take advantage of parallel processing)
  • Model:FineSed3D  + (A turbulence-resolving numerical model for fine sediment transport in bottom boundary layer)
  • Model:NUBBLE  + (A turbulent boundary layer model for the linearized shallow water equations)
  • Model:ZoneTaxon  + (A zone-based taxon)
  • Model:Anuga  + (ANUGA is a hydrodynamic modelling tool that allows users to model realistic flow problems in complex 2D geometries.)
  • Model:AnugaSed  + (Add-on package to ANUGA with modules for sediment transport and vegetation drag)
  • Model:AeoLiS  + (AeoLiS is a process-based model for simulating aeolian sediment transport in situations where supply-limiting factors are important, like in coastal environments.)
  • Model:DECAL  + (Aeolian dune landscape model)
  • Model:CSt ASMITA  + (Aggregate scale morphodynamic model of integrated coastal systems)
  • Model:ALFRESCO  + (Alaskan Frame‐based Ecosystem Code)
  • Model:Hilltop flow routing  + (Algorithm for directly measuring hillslope length from high resolution topographic data)
  • Model:DrEICH algorithm  + (Algorithm for extracting channel networks from high resolution topographic data)
  • Model:Mixed bedrock-alluvial morphodynamic  + (Alluvial morphodynamics of bedrock reaches)
  • Model:SiStER  + (An easy-to-use MATLAB code to simulate long-term lithosphere and mantle deformation.)
  • Model:SedBerg  + (An iceberg drift and melt model, developed to simulate sedimentation in high-latitude glaciated fjords.)
  • Model:TURBINS  + (An immersed boundary, Navier–Stokes code for the simulation of gravity and turbidity currents interacting with complex topographies.)
  • Model:IDA  + (An implementation of the Implicit Drainage Area method (regular and hybrid versions) for calculating drainage area from flow directions using parallel iterative solvers.)
  • Model:River Erosion Model  + (An intermediate complexity model for simulating stream channel evolution (years to decades) at the watershed scale.)
  • Model:SNAC  + (An updated Lagrangian explicit finite difference code for modeling a finitely deforming elasto-visco-plastic solid in 3D.)
  • Model:SLEPIAN Delta  + (Analysis of time-variable gravity from the GRACE satellite mission using spherical harmonics and spherical Slepian functions)
  • Model:BITM  + (Barrier Island Translation model)
  • Model:BarrierBMFT  + (Barrier-Bay-Marsh-Forest Transect Coupled Model Framework)
  • Model:Badlands  + (Basin and landscape dynamics)
  • Model:Sedflux  + (Basin filling stratigraphic model)
  • Model:River Network Bed-Material Sediment  + (Bed-material sediment transport and storage dynamics on river networks.)