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A list of all pages that have property "One-line model description" with value "OGGM is a modular open source model for glacier dynamics". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Model:OGGM  + (OGGM is a modular open source model for glacier dynamics)
  • Model:Oceananigans.jl  + (Oceananigans.jl is a fast and friendly ocean-flavored Julia software for simulating incompressible fluid dynamics in Cartesian and spherical shell domains on CPUs and GPUs.)
  • Model:OTTAR  + (Ode To Transient (Ancho de los) Rivers: Transient evolution of river-channel width in response to river discharge and bank and sediment properties.)
  • Model:OTEQ  + (One-Dimensional Transport with Equilibrium Chemistry (OTEQ): A Reactive Transport Model for Streams and Rivers)
  • Model:OTIS  + (One-Dimensional Transport with Inflow and Storage (OTIS): A Solute Transport Model for Streams and Rivers)
  • Model:SRH-1D  + (One-dimensional cross section based hydraulic and mobile-bed sediment transport model)
  • Model:OpenFOAM  + (Open Field Operation and Manipulation is a toolbox for the development of customized numerical solvers.)
  • Model:PHREEQC  + (PHREEQC version 3 is a computer program written in the C and C++ programming languages that is designed to perform a wide variety of aqueous geochemical calculations)
  • Model:PIHM  + (PIHM is a multiprocess, multi-scale hydrologic model.)
  • Model:Princeton Ocean Model (POM)  + (POM: Sigma coordinate coastal & basin circulation model)
  • Model:PISM  + (Parallel Ice Sheet Model, PISM)
  • Model:PSTSWM  + (Parallel Spectral Transform Shallow Water Model)
  • Model:ParFlow  + (Parallel, high-performance, integrated watershed model)
  • Model:SETTLE  + (Partical settling velocity solution)
  • Model:Non Local Means Filtering  + (Performs non-local means filtering of a DEM following Buades et al. (2005))
  • Model:Kudryavtsev Model  + (Permafrost Active Layer Thickness Model based on Kudryavtsev's parametrization)
  • Model:REF-DIF  + (Phase-resolving parabolic refraction-diffraction model for ocean surface wave propagation.)
  • Model:TOPMODEL  + (Physically based, distributed watershed model that simulates hydrologic fluxes of water through a watershed)
  • Model:Area-Slope Equation Calculator  + (Pixel scale Area-Slope equation calculator)
  • Model:PsHIC  + (Pixel-scale Hypsometric Integral Calculator)
  • Model:Point-Tidal-flat  + (Point Model for Tidal Flat Evolution model)
  • Model:CarboLOT  + (Population-ecology based model of shallow-ocean benthic carbonate accumulation)
  • Model:PRMS  + (Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System)
  • Model:WEPP  + (Process-based soil erosion by water at field/farm scale)
  • Model:DeltaSIM  + (Process-response model simulating the evolution and stratigraphy of fluvial dominated deltaic systems)
  • Model:PyDeCe  + (Python model for Dense Current forming eruptions (PyDeCe) is a tool for modeling the dense endmember of pyroclastic density currents generated either by impulsive column collapse or sustained fountaining eruptions.)