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An application dataset for the Le Sueur Basin is included as part of the source file download with all associated calibration and validation data.  +
An application dataset for the Minnesota River Basin and Clear Creek/Tushar Mountains is included as part of the source file download.  +
An example case is included in the toolbox download.  +
An intercomparison of the Matlab and Python versions of DeltaRCM is in the works.  +
Any outcrop data showing (or purporting to show) cyclical platform interior strata  +
Biomass productivity and marsh accretion rates from 1984-present, described in Morris et al. (2002).  +
Calibration data consist of compilations of river N, P, Si and C annual yields by form.  +
Calibration must be based on external hydraulic and channel morphology data. Optimal parameters can be determined by test simulations.  +
Cliffs is benchmarked as described in: E. Tolkova. Land-Water Boundary Treatment for a Tsunami Model With Dimensional Splitting Pure and Applied Geophysics, Vol. 171, Issue 9 (2014), pp. 2289-2314 Examples of modeling with Cliffs (complete set-ups included) are described in Cliffs User Manual at  +
Cohen, S., G. Willgoose, and G. Hancock (2008), A methodology for calculating the spatial distribution of the area-slope equation and the hypsometric integral within a catchment, J. Geophys. Res., 113, F03027, doi:10.1029/2007JF000820.  +
Data available from 1986-88 field experimentation (in compendium) using rainfall simulation. Also, validation data sets are available from USLE database.  +
Default parameter and input files will produce steady state landscape with stream power erosion and mass wasting  +
Duck 94 data set and laboratory experiments.  +
Eel River (California), Knight and Bute Inlet (British Columbia)  +
EuroSTRATAFORM Po River margin  +
Example and validation datasets are available on the github page.  +
Experiment data for steady channel flow can be found in: Sumer, B. M., Kozakiewicz, A., Fredsoe, J., Deigaard, R., 1996. Velocity and concentration profiles in sheet-flow layer of movable bed. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, (1996) 549-558. Experiment for oscillatory flow can be found in: O'Donoghue, T., Wright, S., 2004. Concentrations in oscillatory sheet flow for well sorted and graded sands. Coastal Engineering 50 (2004) 117-138.  +
FVCOM was originally developed for the estuarine flooding/drying process in estuaries and the tidal-, buoyancy- and wind-driven circulation in the coastal region featured with complex irregular geometry and steep bottom topography. This model has been upgraded to the spherical coordinate system for basin and global applications. A non-hydrostatic version of FVCOM has been coded and is being tested. See also website for model validations.  +
Few or none, unfortunately  +
Have successfully tested the model on the Colorado river shelf system, and along analogue models.  +