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    • Model:SPARROW  + (This form is filled out by Albert Kettner, based on the SPARROW website)
    • Model:UEB  + (This information is captured from the web and incorporated here by Albert Kettner)
    • Model:CSt ASMITA  + (This model is actively under development as of the spring of 2009.)
    • Model:WASH123D  + (This model is not users' friendly. I woulThis model is not users' friendly. I would welcome anyone to collaborate with me to develop interface to make this model users's friendly. The unique of this model is</br># every module was developed based physics-based conservation principles of fluid, momentum, enery, and mass;</br># rigious coupling processes between media to internalize fluxes across media boundaries,</br># general paradigm to model water quality based on reactive biogeochemistry,</br># many numerical options were implemented.</br></br>I have already posted the technical report. For those who are interested in "true" physics-based watershed models, please read the report and I hope you like read the report and I hope you like it.)
    • Model:GPM  + (This model is unlikely to become available in any form other than snapshots of output. It is provided for reference.)
    • Model:LateralVerticalIncision  + (This model supports the article Malatesta,This model supports the article</br>Malatesta, L. C., J. P. Prancevic, and J.-P. Avouac (2017), Autogenic entrenchment patterns and terraces due to coupling with lateral erosion in incising alluvial channels, J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf., 122, 335–355, doi:10.1002/2015JF003797.., 122, 335–355, doi:10.1002/2015JF003797.)
    • Model:BRaKE  + (This model was initially published as Shobe et al in Geophysical Research Letters, May 2016: Other publications are in preparation.)
    • Model:STWAVE  + (This module is interfaced via the Coastal Engineering Design and Analysis System (CEDAS) interface.)
    • Model:WILSIM  + (This project was funded by NSF-CCLI program. The purpose was primarily for education.)
    • Model:TOPOG  + (This questionnaire is filled out by Albert Kettner, based on the TOPOG website)
    • Model:NWM Data Component  + (To learn how to use the NWM data component, please try with the Jupyter Notebook tutorial at
    • Model:SoilGrids Data Component  + (To learn how to use the SoilGrids data component, please try with the CSDMS EKT Lab (including the Jupyter Notebook tutorial) at
    • Model:RHESSys  + (To run RHESSys successfully, the user willTo run RHESSys successfully, the user will need to invest quite a bit of time gathering both spatial and observed data, which may require additional work to format the data correctly. A sample dataset can be downloaded with tutorials to familiarize users with the data and formats required in order to run RHESSys. formats required in order to run RHESSys.)
    • Model:IDA  + (View the included README file for additional notes on compiling and running)
    • Model:WRF  + (WRF has a rapidly growing community of useWRF has a rapidly growing community of users, and workshops and tutorials are held each year at NCAR. WRF is currently in operational use at NCEP, AFWA and other centers.</br></br>Notice: WRF source code is freely available on the following site:</br></br>So no registration is needed._source.html So no registration is needed.)
    • Model:WAVEWATCH III ^TM  + (We have moved to an open development paradigm using GitHub, which means users and developers are no longer required to submit requests for usernames and passwords to access our software package.
    • Model:Princeton Ocean Model (POM)  + (Web page includes additional information on code development, annual meetings, applications and searchable data base of over 1000 POM related journal publications.
    • Model:KnickZone-Picker  + (Well documented Matlab Parameter file, HOWWell documented Matlab Parameter file, HOWTO file for example catchment and detailed algorithm description with application in:</br></br>Neely, A., Bookhagen, B., Burbank, D.W. (in review): Connecting Stream Transience and Hillslope Evolution: Insights from a Knickpoints Selection Algorithm applied to Santa Cruz Island, California, JGR-Earth SurfaceCruz Island, California, JGR-Earth Surface)
    • Model:River Temperature Model  + (Zheng, L., Overeem, I., Wang, K., Clow, G., (2019). Changing Arctic River Dynamics Cause Localized Permafrost Thaw, Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface.
    • Model:CMFT  + (a routine is needed to solve a sparse linear system of equations. I have used nspcg)
    • Model:SIMSAFADIM  + (code not yet finished, further processes need to be incorporated (erosion, terrestrial conditions), manual needs still to be written)
    • Model:Zscape  + (code should be used for class exercises, demonstration and the like)
    • Model:LOADEST  + (
    • Model:HyLands  + (
    • Model:VIC  + (unsure what type of license)