Available model questionnaire conditions

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Available Model metadata conditions

The table below contain all possible Model metadata query conditions that can be using within the SMW query style. See more at Web APIs on how to include these conditions in an API query.

Condition Definition
Model:+ Notice: Always use this condition to ensure you are querying the model metadata database. Within the Model repo, select all records (+); or replace + by a model name to select data of a specific model. CSDMS has grouped all model in a separate Namepace, named "Model".
Model also known as Additional field to hold an alternative name for a model, for if the model is also known under an other name.
Model type Describe if a model is more like a tool, build out of multiple modules or is just a single model.
ModelFramework Describe the model framework, if the model is part of a larger framework.
Incorporated modules Include names of module or components, if the model incorporates one or more of these.
ModelDomain The various domains (marine, terrestrial, hydrological, etc) a model simulates
Spatial dimensions Range or specific spatial dimensions a model operates under (1D, 2D, etc).
Spatialscale Spatial extent of simulated domain
One-line model description Short description of the model
Extended model description Extended description of the model
Model keywords Keywords describing the model.
First name Given name of contact person
Last name Family name of contact person
Type of contact Type of contact
Institute Affiliated institute of contact person
Postal address1 Address of contact person
Postal address2 Additional field for address of contact person
City City or name of town where institute contact person is located
Postal code Postal code of institute
State State where contact person is located
Country Country where contact person is located
Email address Email address of contact person
Phone Phone number of contact person
Fax Fax number of contact person
Supported platforms Supported computer platforms by the model (Mac, Windows, etc)
Supported platforms other Define other then the platform options indicated under 'Supported platforms' the model can run on.
Programming language Identify the used program language
Program language other Define other then the program languages indicated under 'Programming language' used
Code optimized Indicate if the model uses single or multiple processors
Multiple processors implemented Indicate how the use of multiple processors is implemented
Nr of distributed processors Maximum number of distributed processors the model can use
Nr of shared processors Maximum of shared processors the model can use
Start year development The first year the model was developed
Development still active Indicates if model development is still ongoing
End year development The year model development ended
Model availability How the model is made available to the community
Source code availability Pointer towards repository where source code can be found
Source web address URL to source code from which it can be downloaded
Source csdms web address URL to CSDMS repo from which source code can be downloaded
Program license type Source code license
Program license type other Alternative source code license
Memory requirements Memory requirements to run model
Run time model Typical run time for model
Describe input parameters model Describe input parameters
Input format model Describe input format
Input format model other Describe alternative input formats
Describe output parameters model Describe output parameters
Output format model Describe output format
Output format model other Describe alternative output formats
Pre processing software Indicate if pre-processing software is needed
Describe pre-processing software If pre-processing software is needed, indicate which packages could be used
Post processing software Indicate if post-processing software is needed
Describe post-processing software If post-processing software is needed, indicate which packages could be used
Visualization software needed Indicate if visualization software is needed
Visualization software If visualization software is needed, indicate which packages
Visualization software other Indicate alternative visualization packages that can be used
Describe processes Describe processes represented by the module
Describe key physical parameters and equations Describe key physical parameters and equations
Describe length scale and resolution Describe length scale and resolution constraints
Describe time scale and resolution Describe time scale and resolution constraints
Describe numerical limitations Describe any numerical limitations and issues
Describe available calibration data Describe available calibration data sets
Model calibration data Upload calibration data sets if available
Describe available test data Describe available test data sets
Model test data Upload test data sets if available
Describe ideal data Describe ideal data for testing
Current future collaborators Indicate current or future plans for collaborating with other researchers
Current future collaborators Indicate additional current or future plans for collaborating with other researchers
Manual model available Indicate if a manual is available
Model manual Option to upload a model manual
Model website URL of external model website
Model forum URL to module forum / discussion board
Additional comments model Field to include additional comments
Code openmi compliant or not If module is openmi compliant
Code_IRF_or_not If module is BMI compliant
Code_CMT_compliant_or_not If module is WMT compliant
DOI model DOI information of source code
DOI assigned to model version Version of model to which a DOI is assigned
End year development Year of release of the version that has a DOI
DOI-filelink DOI link to the released version
Animation model name If model can be coupled, indicate to which module(s) it can be coupled