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'''Converting RHESSys Output to Spatial Output Using rh''' rh is a command line program developed to convert RHESSys model output to spatial output. The spatial output can be formatted for viewing in either GRASS or ArcView. ''Requirements'' rh must be run from inside the GRASS GIS system. To run rh the user must first output the patch map layer into either an ascii text file for GRASS or an ascii text file for Arc/INFO or ArcView.  +
A 3D visualization software package.  +
A Excel-VBA workbook is available to extract the output files into various Excel worksheets.  +
A simple C program that converts binary outputs into ascii data file in the VTK format.  +
A simple C++ code is called to convert raw binary data to "*.vtr" (see VTK format) that can be read by a software called Paraview.  +
All I/O is done with flat ASCII files; Output files are first processed by a utility (posteq) -- resultant files can then be plotted with the user's own software.  +
All output is written to flat ASCII files. OTIS output files are usually read into a spreadsheet or graphics program for plotting and analysis.  +
An extensive library of Matlab scripts provides visualization and post-processing capabilities. A few scripts also exist for IDL, and it is possible to process the output to generate lists of points for input to ArcGIS. In addition, a post-processing program called CHILD2VTK is available to convert output into VTK format for use in visualization programs such as ParaView.  +
Another program must be used to create the input grids. This includes a D8 flow grid derived from a DEM for the region to be modeled. The earlier, IDL version of TopoFlow can be used to create some of these.  +
Any package for imaging DEMs and vegetation maps  +
ArcGIS or other GIS package to convert the ASCII files to maps.  +
ArcGIS or other to convert ASCII output to map.  +
ArcGIS or similar  +
As needed to process data. Some data in "Photoshop Raw" format  +
Centerline data, floodplain elevations, and hydraulic data are output as tables which can be analyzed by the user as needed.  +
Excel  +
Excel may be used (output may be plotted with other user preferred language/software)  +
Fortran code that translates output data in PS-files for visualisation with Ghostview etc.  +
GIS  +
GIS capable of reading ASCII output rasters  +