What does the CSDMS Model Repository provide?

What does the CSDMS Model Repository provide?

CSDMS maintains a code and metadata repository for numerical models and scientific software tools. What does the Repository provide for a model developer?

  • A model submitted to the CSDMS Model Repository has a wiki home page on the publicly accessible CSDMS website
  • The model’s wiki page is initially populated with the metadata provided by the author, but it can be edited and expanded to include documentation, examples, references, and graphics (see, for example, the HydroTrend and SedFlux model pages)
  • The model's source code is stored under version control on the csdms-contrib GitHub organization and linked to its model page on the CSDMS wiki
  • Optionally, a version of the code submitted to the Repository is assigned a digital object identifier (DOI), making it citable
  • A QR code, suitable for display on a conference poster, is created for the model page
  • A model h-index is calculated to provide a measure of a model's visibility through journal citations