DOI system for models


DOI system for models

DOI system for models

CSDMS encourages and supports the effort of developers to provide their numerical models as truly open source. Open source code reduces redundancy; it guarantees reuse and it makes research more replicable. At the same time CSDMS strives to ensure that model developers receive recognition for their work, even when code is submitted which is not (yet) described in a scientific journal. Therefore CSDMS has adopted the DOI system.

DOI or Digital Object Identifier system is used to identify intellectual property in the digital environment. It is used principally by publishers, and is an implementation of the Handle System for persistent identifiers. The International DOI Federation (IDF) appoints Registration Agencies who allocate DOI prefixes, register DOI Names, and provide the necessary infrastructure to allow registrants to declare and maintain metadata.

CSDMS collaborates with Zenodo, to assign unique identifiers for all models that are physically part of the CSDMS repository. Zenodo strongly supports and participates in efforts that promote research code. Given their experience in assigning DOIs, they are a logical partner for collaboration for CSDMS’ effort.

By adopting the DOI system CSDMS guarantees the long-term archiving and availability of model source codes. An assigned DOI name will be guaranteed to redirect to the appropriate source code and associated metadata location.

How it works

Only those models of which 1) the source code is submitted to the CSDMS repository, and 2) which are formally described in associated model metadata, will get a unique DOI. The DOI will be provided for each new version of the model, given that this is a major upgrade of the source code. This means that several DOIs could be point to the same model, but each to a different version of associated codes.

How to apply for a DOI

Why cite a model?

CSDMS is convinced that models should be cited just like articles and books. Citing models makes it possible to:

  • Easily reuse and replicate research as other researchers can directly locate the referenced model
  • Provide credit to the model developer as citations are harvested by e.g. Web of Science
  • Funding agencies to track usage, so to measure impact

How do I cite a model?

Models can be seen as ‘data’ and therefore we endorse citations defined by ‘DataCite guidelines’. Unfortunately these are only recommendations for data citations. Following these guidelines closely, CSDMS strongly recommends the following structure for citing a model:

ModelDeveloper (PublicationYear). ModelName, ModelVersion. Identifier

So e.g.:

Tucker, G., (2010). CHILD version 2010.07.06. doi: 10.1594/IEDA/100102

Resolve a DOI name

Copy the DOI that you like to resolve.
Than, for example, go to: and past the DOI in that link.