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A list of all pages that have property "Describe available calibration data" with value "generic model, no specific calibration data sets". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Model:TopoFlow-Infiltration-Richards 1D  + (This model/component is typically not calibrated to fit data, but is run with a best guess or measured value for each input parameter.)
  • Model:OGGM  + (To calibrate and validate the mass-balance model, OGGM relies on mass-balance observations provided by the World Glacier Monitoring Service)
  • Model:ESCAPE  + (To get some additional info in regards to To get some additional info in regards to how to use eSCAPE a series of examples and tutorials is provided in the docker container (Geodels escape-docker) and is also available for download from the eSCAPE-demo repository ( (
  • Model:TopoFlow  + (TopoFlow is typically not calibrated to fit data, but is run with best guesses of the physical parameters.)
  • Model:Chi analysis tools  + (Topographic analysis: no calibration required.)
  • Model:DrEICH algorithm  + (Topographic analysis; no calibration required.)
  • Model:Hilltop flow routing  + (Topographic analysis; no calibration required.)
  • Model:PIHM  + (Upper Juniata River 875 km^2: see:
  • Model:OlaFlow  + (Validation references can be found in:
  • Model:Landlab  + (Varies among components and models)
  • Model:GIPL  + (We have tested the model for different permafrost observation sites for Alaska(USA) and Siberia(Russia). Typically, the model results show good correlation with measured data (if observations are accurate).)
  • Model:GLUDM  + (We used the HYDE 3.1 dataset and the USDA'We used the HYDE 3.1 dataset and the USDA's CropScape dataset for validation. </br>See: Haney, N., Cohen, S. (2015), Predicting 21st century global agricultural land use with a spatially and temporally explicit regression-based model. Applied Geography, 62: 366-376.sed model. Applied Geography, 62: 366-376.)
  • Model:Badlands  + (examples provided along with the documentation
  • Model:Delft3D  + (generic model, no specific calibration data sets)