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(Un)sustainability of Deltas Under Potential Future Changes in Sediment Delivery  +
2D modelisation of non-hydrostatic internal waves on idealised embankment  +
3D Bedrock Channel Evolution with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Coupled to a Finite Element Earth  +
3D Bedrock Channel Evolution with Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Coupled to a Finite Element Earth  +
A 3-D cellular depositional model of platform evolution delivered at fine scale  +
A Coastal Geo-economic Model: Property Protection, Federal Buyouts, and Managed Retreat  +
A Coupled Simulation of the Food-Energy-Water Nexus for Farm Income Analysis: An Agent-Based Approach Applied to Western Kansas  +
A Generic "Gridding Engine" for 2D Modeling of Earth-Surface Dynamics  +
A Knowledge Base Supporting Biologically-Based Carbonate Modeling  +
A Mophodynamic Explanation for the Shoreface Depth of Closure  +
A Sensitivity Analysis of the Effect of Parametric Wind Model Inputs on Hurricane Storm Surge Simulations  +
A Service-Oriented Architecture for Coupling Web Service Models Using the Basic Model Interfaces (BMI)  +
A conduit evolution model built in Landlab: Coupling surface and subsurface processes  +
A framework proposal for spatial distribution of small reservoirs  +
A hydroclimatological approach to predicting regional landslide probability using Landlab  +
A massively parallel Landscape-Linked Environmental Model (LLEM)  +
A model framework for fluvial-delta evolution that accounts for the accumulation of organic sediment  +
A morphodynamic link between grain size and delta morphology  +
A mountain-to-coast hydrogeomorphic modeling framework for flood risk prediction  +
A new approach to mapping landslide hazards: a probabilistic integration of empirical and process-based models  +