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CSDMS Integration Facility Personnel
0047 CU-web.jpg Greg Tucker
Executive Director
303 492-6985
0024 CU-web.jpg Irina Overeem
Deputy Director
303 492-6631
One cool dude Eric Hutton
Research Associate
303 492-6233
AKettner2010.png Albert Kettner
Associate Professor - Research
303 735-5486
MPiper2013.png Mark Piper
Research Associate
303 492-6068
JuliaMoriarty.jpeg Julia Moriarty
Research Associate
Tian.jpg Tian Gan
Software engineer
Campforts head shot.jpeg Benjamin Campforts
Software engineer
Lynn-McCready.png Lynn McCready
Program Coordinator
303 735-5482
CStoffel2010.png Chad Stoffel
System Administrator
303 735-5216
Fallback people 120x180.gif Jean Lindahl
Post Award Specialist
303 735-0328

CSDMS Associates

Syvitski.photo2017.png Jai P.M. Syvitski
Ex Officio Member, Steering Committee CSDMS
303 735-5482
Brakenridge.png G. Robert Brakenridge
Senior Research Scientist,
303 735-5485
CJenkins.png Chris Jenkins
Senior Research Scientist

303 735-5250

Photo Peckham w80 h110.jpg Scott D. Peckham
Senior Research Scientist

303 492-6752

Former CSDMS Graduate Students, Postdocs and staff

Yan2010.png Beichuan Yan
Research Associate

HannonUpdate.png Mark Hannon
Grad. Research Assistant

BerlinUpdate2010.png Maureen Berlin
Research Associate

Sagy Cohen.png Sagy Cohen
Research Associate

BHudsonUpdate.png Benjamin Hudson
Grad. Research Assistant

Fei.xing.png Fei Xing
Grad. Research Assistant

Higgins photo.png Stephanie Higgins
Research Associate
Elchin.jpg Elchin Jafarov
Research Associate
Perignon.pdf Mariela Perignon
Research Associate
Kimberly Rogers.png Kimberly Rogers
Research Associate
KangWang.jpeg Kang Wang
Research Associate

CSDMS Visiting Scientists & Short-Term Students

Name Profession University Period visiting
Xiujuan Liu Associate professor China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China 2014 January - 2015 January
Arnaud Temme Assistent professor Univ. of Wageningen, The Netherlands 2013 July - October
Liz Olhsson PhD student UC Berkeley 2013 August
Surendra Adhikari PhD student Caltech, Calafornia 2013 August
Jianhua Gao Professor Nanjing University, China 2013 July