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A list of all pages that have property "Describe post-processing software" with value "very limited X11 based graphic output". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Model:FACET  + (post process : Enable (True) or disable (Fpost process : Enable (True) or disable (False). The default is enabled. Post process as True will aggregate floodplain and channel metrics from individual cross sections to the reach-scale. Post process as False will skip this step.</br></br>stream buffer : Define stream width needed for post processing steps. The input is in Meters. The default is set to 60 meters.</br></br>r exe path : Complete path to RScript.exe. The user will need to update the default which is set to C:\Program Files\R\...\bin\RScript.exe. To quickly find the correct file path run the function R.home() in R.</br></br>clean : Enable (True) or disable (False). The default is disabled. Clean as True will delete all intermediate files. Clean as False will save all intermediate files within the folder structure.</br></br>archive : Enable (True) or disable (False). The default is disabled. Archive as True will archive the entire HUC folder as a .zip file.hive the entire HUC folder as a .zip file.)
  • Model:Physprop  + (software that handles sgy files)
  • Model:GSSHA  + (yes, The US Dept. of Defense Watershed Modeling system can produce animations of model outputs. Run summary file includes detailed mass balance information. Output time series can be analyzed using spreadsheet or other software.)