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A list of all pages that have property "Describe output parameters model" with value "time_to_next_fire : float<br> Updated value for the time to next fire.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Model:TwoPhaseEulerSedFoam  + (sediment concentration (alpha); carrier flsediment concentration (alpha); carrier fluid turbulence (k, epsilon); granular temperature (Theta); fluid pressure (p); sediment and fluid velocities (Ua, Ub); turbulence modulation factor (tmf); particle pressure ( kinetic part, pa), more details are described in the user maunal. details are described in the user maunal.)
  • Model:Sedtrans05  + (sediment transport rate, direction of sediment transport, bedforms, and several intermediate results (settling velocity, threshold of movements , bed shear stress, etc.))
  • Model:Marsh column model  + (sediment, root, and carbon fractions as a function of depth porosity as a function of depth)
  • Model:MODFLOW 6  + (see MODFLOW 6 Description of Input/Output at
  • Model:OTIS  + (solute concentrations as a function of time and space at user-defined locations within the modeled stream system)
  • Model:ThawLake1D  + (temperature time series at variable depths into the subsurface in deg C lake depth in m ice thickness in m)
  • Model:Symphonie  + (temperature, salinity, current 3D fields. Air/sea fluxes)
  • Model:SIMSAFADIM  + (temporal/spatial distribution of sediment types and fluid flow conditions, stratigraphic architecture of deposit)
  • Model:PISM  + (the evolution of ice extent and thickness over time, the thermal and dynamic states of the ice sheet, and the associated lithospheric response)
  • Model:Point-Tidal-flat  + (tidal flat elevation in time)
  • Model:Bifurcation  + (time series - such as water and sediment partitioning spatial - such as bed elevation profiles, saved at lower time resolution (chosen by user))
  • Model:CSt ASMITA  + (time-histories of shoreline positions on a sub-grid scale and the water depths over the gridded portion of the model. Time histories of the inlet cross-section and the areas of bar, channels and tidal flats in the estuary)
  • Model:TopoToolbox  + (topographic derivatives (slope, curvature, flow accumulation, drainage basins), flow paths, chiplots, swath profiles, among others.)
  • Model:MARSSIM V4  + (ultiple state variables and summary data)
  • Model:FineSed3D  + (vel.*: fluid velocity, binary format, the vel.*: fluid velocity, binary format, the I/O format can be found in io.F in the folder \Src.</br>conc.*: sediment concentration, binary format, see io.F in the folder \Src for detailed I/O information.</br>press.*: fluid dynamic pressure, binary format, see io.F in the folder \Src for detailed I/O information.</br>vel\_p.*: difference of sediment velocity from fluid velocity, output if inertia effect or hindered settling effect is considered, binary format, see io.F in the folder \Src for detailed I/O information.</br>DDt.*: material derivative of fluid velocity, output if inertia effect is included, binary format, see io.F in the folder \Src for detailed I/O information.</br>ushear.dat: time series of plane averaged bottom shear velocity, it is output every time step, ASCII format.</br>logfile: log of screen output to monitor the quantities such as CFL number, domain averaged concentration, bottom concentration, etc., ASCII format. bottom concentration, etc., ASCII format.)
  • Model:Tracer dispersion calculator  + (volume fraction content of tracers in the deposit)
  • Model:STVENANT  + (water depths (m), water discharges (m3/s), free surface elevation with respect to the SWL (m))
  • Model:HYPE  + (water discharge, nutrients)
  • Model:Mosartwmpy  + (water volume, water flux, reservoir storage, unmet water demand)
  • Model:RCPWAVE  + (wave height, period, and direction throughout the specified computational domain)
  • Model:XBeach  + (wave heights, velocities, water levels, sediment concentrations, sediment transport rates, bottom changes, bathymetry, additional model variables)
  • Model:BEDLOAD  + (weight bedload transport rates of each size-density fraction)
  • Model:Badlands  + (xdmf time series calling hdf5 files.)