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Registration form of Abstract 2013 CSDMS meeting-050

CSDMS Meeting 2011
Impact of time and process scales

All submitted registrations are reviewed by CSDMS program committee. Your confirmation email from CSDMS will include further information on the meeting venue and available funding. Confirmations will be sent by Sept 30st.
Please direct all inquiries to: csdms@colorado.edu with subject title: CSDMS Meeting 2011

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You have till September 23st to change your mind and submit an abstract. No poster space will be reserved for you.


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During the meeting there will be parallel clinics. Please register for 1 clinic each day before October 8th. A clinic will be cancelled if there are less than 8 people. We will also limit the clinic size to 30 or less. Registration will be on a first come first served basis.

First day clinic:
TopoFlow description by Scott Peckham
CEM description by Brad Murray & Andrew Ashton
Sedflux description by Eric Hutton & Irina Overeem
Geo-Modeling description by Rudy Slingerland
Second day clinic:
CHILD description by Greg Tucker & Nicole Gasparini
Delft3D description by Doug Edmonds & Bert Jagers
Cyclopath description by Peter Burgess
VisIt description by David Pugmire
Third day clinic:
TauDEM description by David Tarboton
ROMS description by Chris Sherwood
CMT description by Irina Overeem & Scott Peckham
To learn more about high performance computing by Thomas Hauser
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I attend all days

(October 28-30, 2011)
I can only attend the following days: Preference is given for those that can attend all days.
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The meeting includes one hosted dinner.
I would like to bring my spouse/partner.
I request funding for:
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  • registration fee
  • within continental USA
  • at the designated hotel
  • meeting includes lunches & coffe breaks
To what degree can you support your registration yourself?
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