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User pageFirst NameLast NamePronounsMailing listInstituteCityStateCountryAccount since
Armaghanabed Armaghan Abed-Elmdoust yes University of Central Florida Orlando Florida United States 2016-08-07
Guta Guta Abeshu yes University of Houston Houston Texas United States 2022-05-22
Lanrad09 Olalekan Lanre Adebayo yes Technical University Hamburg, Germany Hamburg Germany 2015-05-06
Vikramagone Vikram Agone yes SSVPS Science College Chalisgaon India 2017-03-06
Vidhaan13 Vidhaan Ahluwalia yes Permaculture India Dehradun India 2020-10-28
Hameed Hameed Ajibade He, him, his yes The University of Southern Mississippi Bay St. Louis Mississippi United States 2022-03-24
Abbey Abiodun Ajijola yes University of Lagos Lagos Nigeria 2021-09-28
Janaabdullatif Jana Alabdullatif yes University of Texas at Austin Austin Texas United States 2022-02-23
Georgii Georgii Alexandrov yes Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow Russia 2015-06-20
AlbakosAUTH Konstantinos Almpanakis yes Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Greece 2016-12-22
Oranderson O. Roger Anderson yes Columbia University Palisades New York United States 2020-04-24
Nina.aragon Christina Aragon yes Oregon State University Rickreall Oregon United States 2019-05-22
Dora Dildora Aralova yes Dresden Technology University, Dresden Germany 2018-02-10
Jeff.jay8845 Jeffrey N. A. Aryee yes KNUST, Kumasi Kumasi Ghana 2015-10-02
Hasnat Hasnat Aslam yes University of the Punjab Lahore Pakistan 2017-07-05
Kbagstad Ken Bagstad yes U.S. Geological Survey Denver Colorado United States 2018-04-12
Lucibaker Luci Baker no University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Minneapolis Minnesota United States 2017-08-01
Akb89 Akanksha Balha yes TERI School of Advanced Studies Delhi India 2018-04-07
Davidbandac David Banda Carrasco yes University of Chile Santiago Chile 2020-05-18
Rbarnes Richard Barnes yes UC Berkeley Berkeley California United States 2018-10-03
Elena.bastianon Elena Bastianon yes University of Hull Hull United Kingdom 2017-03-15
Getachew Getachew Belete yes Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) Enschede Netherlands 2015-02-27
Nicole Benjamin-Fink Nicole Benjamin-Fink yes Conservation Beyond Borders Minneapolis Minnesota United States 2017-07-11
Sebrian Sebrian Beselly yes IHE-Delft Delft Netherlands 2018-07-17 Üwe Best yes IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education Delft Netherlands 2018-03-19
Nidheeshb2 Nidheesh Bhaskar yes Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies Kochi India 2018-01-03
Donblancher Don Blancher yes Moffatt & Nichol Mobile Alabama United States 2017-05-07
Boatengi Isaac Boateng yes University of Portsmouth Portsmouth United Kingdom 2015-05-15
Moweemouse Stephany Bolton yes Queens University Delta Canada 2019-01-20
Boschrf Rachel Bosch yes University of Cincinnati Milford Ohio United States 2021-01-27
Sebourban Sébastien E. Bourban no HR Wallingford Wallingford United Kingdom 2017-11-01
J.Bradhm Jennifer Bradham yes Wofford College Spartanburg South Carolina United States 2017-03-27
Felixbram Felix Bram yes Niger Delta University Yenagoa Nigeria 2017-04-18
Anbrasw Anna Braswell yes University of Florida Gainsville Florida United States 2018-03-23
Mbru42 Muriel Brückner yes University of Exeter Exeter United Kingdom 2021-06-08
Padam Padam Budha yes Greenhood Nepal Kathmandu Nepal 2017-12-06
JoeBuzz Joe Buszowski yes Ecopath Consortium Canmore Canada 2017-03-28
Gergino.chounnayemele Gergino CHOUNNA YEMELE yes National Advanced School of Public Works Yaoundé Yaoundé Cameroon 2022-08-27
CSDMSBot CSDMSbot CSDMSbot no INSTAAR, CSDMS Boulder Colorado United States 2021-12-03
Ncai Nicole Cai yes College of William and Mary Gloucester Point Virginia United States 2019-02-19
SamCalahan Sam Calahan yes Colorado School of Mines Denver Colorado United States 2020-10-03
Mcaldwell Megan Caldwell yes USGS / University of Colorado Boulder Colorado United States 2015-02-27
Lauracallisen Laura Callisen yes Target Source Salt Lake City Utah United States 2016-07-18
Andres Andres Caseiro Guilhem yes Laval University Québec Canada 2022-03-01
Renan.cassimiro Renan Cassimiro Brito yes Universidade Federal de São Paulo Barueri Brazil 2020-05-19
Dchagaris David Chagaris yes University of Florida Gainesville Florida United States 2019-06-04
Pchantzi Paraskevi Chantzi yes Aristotle University Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Greece 2018-01-22
Smchartrand Shawn Chartrand yes Vancouver Canada 2016-08-04
Tchen Thomas Chen yes Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Rockaway New Jersey United States 2021-05-01
Chenyr7 Yuren Chen yes Cambridge Maryland United States 2023-01-13
Lbchildr Laurel Childress yes Northwestern University Evanston Illinois United States 2015-02-11
Christensen Alexandra Christensen yes Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena California United States 2020-05-07
Lucie.cocquempot Lucie Cocquempot yes Université de Bretagne Occidentale Plouzané France 2015-03-18
Mtcontre Maria Teresa Contreras Vargas yes Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Santiago Chile 2016-08-04
Gtcui Guotao Cui yes UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING laramie Wyoming United States 2018-01-21
Jczuba Jonathan Czuba yes Virginia Tech Blacksburg Virginia United States 2016-11-29
Gnamienzoliet ASSASSI DIBI yes Bem Ouagadougou Burkina Faso 2020-10-04
Hamid4965 Hamid Dashti yes Boise State University Boise Idaho United States 2015-02-27
Daud Ntambila Simon Daud Masungulwa he/him yes Virginia Tech Blacksburg Virginia United States 2022-03-04
Nullspace Eduardo De Sousa yes DHI Perth Australia 2020-07-28
Dondeangelis Donald DeAngelis yes U. S. Geological Survey Coral Gables Florida United States 2016-04-18
Jhustudent Steven DeWitt no Johns Hopkins UNiversity Washington District of Columbia United States 2015-08-04
JunyanDing Junyan Ding yes Lawrence Berkeley Lab Berkeley California United States 2019-01-17
Ruth30 Ruth Dittrich yes University of Edinburgh/Scotland's Rural College Edinburgh United Kingdom 2015-09-30
Spurgeondsk Sathish Kumar Durai yes Anna University Chennai India 2020-09-03
Dutta5 Som Dutta yes University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Champaign Illinois United States 2017-04-01
EgorDyukarev Egor Dyukarev yes Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems Tomsk Russia 2020-05-21
Tehlers Todd Ehlers no University of Tuebingen Tuebingen Germany 2015-02-23
Emei5866 Emily Eidam yes University of Washington Seattle Washington United States 2016-01-02
Elshorbany Yasin Elshorbany yes University of South Florida St. Petersburg Florida United States 2017-08-30
Es.misagh Misagh Esmaeilpour yes Kansas State University Manhattan Kansas United States 2020-07-25
Bfath Brian Fath yes Towson University Towson Maryland United States 2014-11-17
Rfealy Rowan Fealy yes Maynooth University Maynooth Ireland 2020-07-09
Brucef Behrooz Ferdowsi yes Princeton University Princeton New Jersey United States 2015-08-15
NFernandes Nelson Fernandes yes Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2018-04-19
Rocioluz Rocio Fernandez yes CONICET/National University of Cordoba Villa Carlos Paz Canada 2015-03-20
Firorc1 Connor Firor yes Montclair State University Montclair New Jersey United States 2017-03-15
LejoFlores Alejandro Flores yes Boise State University Boise Idaho United States 2014-05-12
EdFordham Edward Fordham yes Western Washington University Bellingham Washington United States 2021-02-05
Sf Stephen Fortney yes Terraqua Leavenworth Washington United States 2018-09-14
Kfrasier Kaitlin Frasier yes Scripps Institution of Oceanography UC San Diego La Jolla California United States 2017-07-28
CarlFriedrichs Carl Friedrichs yes Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) Gloucester Point Virginia United States 2009-11-10
Ggarcia Guillermo García-Sánchez yes CSIC Madrid Spain 2022-02-22
Sgauthierfauteux Simon Gauthier-Fauteux yes UBC Vancouver Canada 2017-02-27
PGauvinBourdon Phillipe Gauvin-Bourdon yes Montreal university Montreal Canada 2017-12-08
Mtp850 Mark Gerson no NSE M Austin Texas United States 2022-01-30
Adcorp Zoe Goh no NIWA Tauranga New Zealand 2020-01-10
Jdgomez Jesus Gomez-Velez yes New Mexico Tech Socorro New Mexico United States 2015-10-10
Cgonzle1 Christian Gonzalez yes Arizona State University Tempe Arizona United States 2022-03-03
Sgoswami Santonu Goswami yes Indian Space Research Organization Hyderabad India 2019-03-15
Ggranco Gabriel Granco yes Stroud Water Research Center Avondale Pennsylvania United States 2017-09-27
Granjeon Didier Granjeon yes IFPEN Rueil-Malmaison France 2022-01-13
Dgranjeon Didier Granjeon yes IFPEN Rueil Malmaison France 2009-11-12
Ceg4 Christina Gray yes Portland State University Bremerton Washington United States 2016-10-11
Candleinwind Leicheng Guo yes East China Normal University Shanghai China 2016-05-30
Radhey Radhey Gupta yes Jaipur Handloom Jaipur India 2017-04-17
Sharadgupta27 Sharad Gupta yes Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv Israel 2021-03-23
Narayan Narayan Gyawali yes Lutheran World Relief Kapilvastu Nepal 2022-08-02
Ch9 CRAIG HUTTON yes University of Southampton Southampton United Kingdom 2017-03-06
Khafen74 Konrad Hafen yes Utah State University Logan Utah United States 2015-03-19
Hxscuiuc Xun Han yes University of Illinois at Urbana and Champaign Urbana Illinois United States 2015-05-29
Kharvey Korey Harvey yes N/A St. Louis Missouri United States 2019-03-25
Gyurayhatip Güray Hatipoğlu yes Middle East Technical University Ankara Turkey 2018-07-18
Soaringwind Hongming He yes Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yangling China 2015-12-09
Lindsey Lindsey Heagy no University of British Columbia Vancouver Canada 2018-01-14
SFUEVSC Rebecca Ho no Simon Fraser University Burnaby Canada 2019-02-26
Forrest Forrest Hoffman yes Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge Tennessee United States 2015-04-23
Abrar Abrar Hossain yes University of Dhaka Dhaka Bangladesh 2013-01-06
Markhuang Junlong Huang yes Wuhan University Wuhan China 2017-10-08
Brdehu Brooke Hunter yes University of Oregon Eugene Oregon United States 2020-08-11
Terryidol Terry Idol yes Open Geospatial Consortium Southport North Carolina United States 2018-01-22
Mislam14 Md Sariful Islam yes Virginia Tech Blacksburg Virginia United States 2020-11-12
Phjacobs Peter Jacobs yes George Mason University Fairfax Virginia United States 2019-02-04
Hrajagers Bert Jagers yes Deltares Delft Netherlands 2009-11-10
Jenkinsc Chris Jenkins yes University of Colorado Boulder Colorado United States 2009-11-10
KNJ Kerri Johnson yes U.C. Berkeley Santa Cruz California United States 2012-07-20
Mkallungal Muraleedharan Kallungal yes NIO Kochi India 2011-05-20
Mkapes Markos Kapes yes University of Pennslyvania Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States 2017-10-05
Jak221b Jawad Khan yes Beijing Normal University Beijing China 2017-09-21
Samirank Samiran Khorat yes Jadavpur University Kolkata India 2020-02-10
Joshuakogan Joshua Kogan yes US EPA New York New York United States 2021-02-08
Paradigm21 Juwon Kong yes Seoul National University / Environment Ecology Lab Seoul Korea, South 2019-04-03
Kkravitz Katherine Kravitz yes Indiana University Bloomington Indiana United States 2013-02-11
VikramKumar Vikram Kumar yes Gaya College of Engineering, Gaya Gaya India 2020-08-26
Scott707 Scott LaRocca yes University of Richmond Richmond Colorado United States 2022-06-01
Trine Trine Cecilie Larsen yes Mott MacDonald Cambridge United Kingdom 2017-08-18
Haidinhle Hai Le yes Vietnam Forestry University Hanoi Vietnam 2015-08-05
Leeanzy723 Anzy Lee yes Purdue University West Lafayette Indiana United States 2017-08-04
Platipodium Carsten Lemmen yes Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Geesthacht Germany 2014-07-14
Nicleona Nicoletta Leonardi no boston university Boston Massachusetts United States 2015-07-10
KristyLewis10 Kristy Lewis yes St. Mary's College of Maryland St. Mary's City Maryland United States 2018-03-15
Lghamour Mohammed Lghamour yes université Sidi Mohammed ben Abdelah FES Morocco 2019-10-02
Alf199 Angang Li yes Northwestern University Evanston Illinois United States 2014-07-22
Liz Zhen Li no Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Sterling Virginia United States 2020-02-26
Changliao Chang Liao yes PNNL Richland Washington United States 2020-07-02
Laurencelin Laurence Lin yes University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Alabama United States 2015-01-05
Hliu Haoran Liu yes University of Maryland Eastern Shore Princess Anne Maryland United States 2022-04-16
Wanliushao Shaoqing Liu yes University of Minnesota Minneapolis Minnesota United States 2018-05-07
Lokhorst Ivar Lokhorst no Utrecht university Utrecht Netherlands 2017-08-07
Jorge Jorge Lorenzo Trueba yes Montclair State University Montclair New Jersey United States 2010-05-10
Lowmanle Lauren Lowman she/her/hers yes Wake Forest University Winston-Salem North Carolina United States 2022-01-18
Njlyons Nathan Lyons yes Tulane University New Orleans Louisiana United States 2012-10-25
Ruupa86 SATARUPA MITRA yes Chandigarh University Mohali India 2021-01-29
Raleighmartin Raleigh Martin no National Science Foundation Alexandria Virginia United States 2011-08-14
Mmateus Marcos Mateus yes Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa Portugal 2017-03-06
Hadismatin Hadis Matinpour yes University at Buffalo Buffalo New York United States 2016-08-10
Mamc9359 Lynn McCready yes INSTAAR University of Colorado Boulder Colorado United States 2016-01-05
Rmcd Richard McDonald yes U.S. Geological Survey Boulder Colorado United States 2020-06-05
Sarah.j.miller Sarah Miller yes New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology Vicksburg Mississippi United States 2020-02-24
Jamesmillington James Millington yes King's College London London United Kingdom 2020-01-09
DTMilodowski David Milodowski yes University of Edinburgh Edinburgh United Kingdom 2015-03-11
Evamary Eva Mockler yes University College Dublin Dublin Ireland 2017-06-30
Parth17 Parthkumar Modi yes Virginia Tech Blacksburg Virginia United States 2019-02-23
Msk.iit M. Surabuddin Mondal yes Wollega University Nekemte Ethiopia 2020-12-08
Moriarty Julia Moriarty yes University of Colorado Boulder Colorado United States 2010-02-03
Abelmr Abel Muñoz no Universidad de Chile Talagante Chile 2015-10-14
Lbt351 Cathrine Christmas Møller yes University of copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark 2015-09-21
Neerajn07 Neeraj Nainwal yes Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur HALDWANI India 2020-09-25
Nataliegnelson Natalie Nelson yes University of Florida Gainesville Florida United States 2015-08-14
Marielnelson Mariel Nelson yes University of Texas at Austin Austin Texas United States 2020-12-13
Khang994 Khang Nguyen yes Viet Nam institute of seas and islands Hà Nội Vietnam 2017-08-04
Znuhring Zachary Nuhring yes Queen's University Kingston Canada 2021-05-03
Ihnwigboji Ifeanyi Nwigboji yes The University of Texas at El Paso El Paso Texas United States 2020-09-11
Nwando Nwabundo Okafor yes University of Ibadan Ibadan Nigeria 2022-08-26
Kwakuopokuware401 Kwaku Opoku-Ware he/him yes Utah State University Logan Utah United States 2022-08-29
Brittapadgham Britta Padgham yes Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NMFS Seattle Washington United States 2015-07-07
Ericparrah Eric Parra yes University of Potsdam Berlin Germany 2021-07-22
Priyank Priyank Patel yes Presidency University Kolkata India 2019-10-04
NanditaPaul Nandita Paul yes Presidency University Kolkata India 2022-02-02
Oceanka An Pham Hai yes Institute of Marine Environment and Resources IMER / VAST Hai Phong Vietnam 2018-06-11
CannedIce82 Candice Piercy yes US Army Engineer Research and Development Center Vicksburg Mississippi United States 2021-04-15
Marioponce Mario Alberto Ponce Pacheco yes Wageningen University and Research Center Wageningen Netherlands 2018-10-15
Npophet Nuttita Pophet yes University of Mississippi Oxford Mississippi United States 2019-05-07
Vp Valéria Prando yes IHE South Holland United States 2021-03-23
Prasada2 Archana Prasad yes Montclair State University Montclair New Jersey United States 2022-03-02
Quanxj17 Xiaojing Quan yes Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Carleton University Ottawa Canada 2017-03-29
Bransom Barbara Ransom yes NSF Arlington Virginia United States 2015-02-09
Brashlei Brenda Rashleigh yes US Environmental Protection Agency Narragansett Rhode Island United States 2020-05-29
Elrau Erica Rau no West Valley City Utah United States 2020-03-25
Mobilitydream Martin Richardson yes Royal Holloway University of London Bryan Texas United States 2020-07-23
Dtrobins Derek Robinson yes University of Waterloo Waterloo Canada 2020-11-02
Mrobitaille Montana Robitaille yes Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Woods Hole Massachusetts United States 2017-10-03
Arodveg Ricardo Alejandro Rodríguez de la Vega no Tajaraste S.A. Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain 2017-07-21
Ingluisrojas Luis Felipe Rojas Avila yes Manuela Beltran University Bogota Colombia 2016-06-26
Prabinrokaya Prabin Rokaya yes Global Institute for Water Security/University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon Canada 2016-08-06
Estefaniaroldann Estefania Roldan Nicolau yes University of Calgary Calgary Canada 2019-12-29
KevinRozmiarek Kevin Rozmiarek yes University of Colorado, Boulder Boulder Colorado United States 2020-08-11
VirginiaRuizV Virginia Ruiz-Villanueva yes University of Lausanne Lausanne Switzerland 2022-01-11
Guganesh Guganesh S yes ANNA UNIVERSITY Chennai India 2018-07-25
Sen88subhajit SUBHAJIT SEN yes Tripura University Agartala India 2017-12-10
Lukeng200 LUKMAN SOBOYEJO yes University of Bologna Ravenna Italy 2020-09-01
Souleymane Souleymane SY yes Italian National Research Council (CNR) Potenza Italy 2018-04-04
Esaavedrac Edwin Saavedra Cifuentes yes Northwestern University Evanston Illinois United States 2020-08-09
Sadeghi SeyyedHadi Sadeghi yes Kashan University Hamadan Iran 2021-09-26
Ksadid Kazi Sadid yes Louisiana State University Baton Rouge Louisiana United States 2016-04-22
Alhassan01 Alhassaan Sahad yes Illinois State University Normal Illinois United States 2021-01-21
Cschwarz Christian Schwarz yes University of Delaware Lewes Delaware United States 2020-05-22
Sebastian.schwindt Sebastian Schwindt yes University of Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany 2020-10-01
Danscott Dan Scott no Colorado State University Fort Collins Colorado United States 2017-12-05
Apsendro68 Alicia Sendrowski no University of Texas at Austin Austin Texas United States 2015-07-07
Sserbin Shawn Serbin yes Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton New York United States 2017-04-24
DDShao Dongdong Shao yes Beijing Normal University Beijing China 2018-11-05
Sazzad.sharior Sazzad Sharior no University of Texas at Austin Austin Texas United States 2017-12-13
Ashokshaw87 Ashok Shaw yes IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur India 2015-08-26
Shiravani Gholamreza Shiravani yes Coastal Research Center Hannover Germany 2015-01-05
Asingh Aditya Singh yes Klohn Crippen Berger Brisbane Australia 2021-04-21
DhanendraSingh Dhanendra Singh yes HNB Garhwal University Dehradun India 2020-07-29
Esolohin Elena Solohin yes Florida International University Coral Gables Florida United States 2021-02-22
GayleSomerville Gayle Somerville yes University of Western Australia Perth Australia 2017-08-14
Gsotnik Garry Sotnik yes University of Michigan Ann Arbor Michigan United States 2021-06-08
RebeccaST Rebecca Staveley-Taylor no King's College London London United Kingdom 2015-11-13
Maria.stoica Maria Stoica yes University of Colorado, Boulder Boulder Colorado United States 2016-02-04
Sstuenzi Simone Stünzi yes Alfred Wegener Institute Potsdam Germany 2019-03-08
Jennysuckale Jenny Suckale no Stanford California United States 2018-02-10
Zeyad Zeyad Sulaiman yes University of South Carolina west columbia South Carolina United States 2015-02-11
Sumaiya FNU Sumaiya yes Boston College Brighton Massachusetts United States 2023-02-02
Sunjaybhugeo Sunjay Sunjay yes GEOPHYSICS,BHU Varanasi India 2016-04-29
Silke Silke Tas she/her yes Boston University Boston Massachusetts United States 2022-11-28
Tatecb Brandt Tate He/Him yes Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN Tennessee United States 2022-02-22
Violle Violeta Tolorza yes Universidad Austral de Chile Valdivia Chile 2016-08-09
Gauravrichy Gaurav Tripathi yes IIRS Dehradun India 2019-09-01
Uwadianick NICHOLAS UWADIA yes National Center for Energy and Environment, Energy Commission of Nigeria,University of Benin EDO STATE / BENIN CITY Nigeria 2018-12-18
Crvernon Chris Vernon yes Pacific Northwest National Richland Washington United States 2017-04-14
Laelvetter Lael Vetter yes Tulane University New Orleans Louisiana United States 2015-07-02
Reggiewalters Reggie Walters no Boise State University Boise Idaho United States 2015-04-03
Hwang Hui Wang yes Tampa Bay Water TAMPA Florida United States 2020-01-03
Wangxiang Xiang Wang yes University of Minnesota Twin Cities St Paul Minnesota United States 2015-07-06
Waspe Christopher Waspe yes University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban South Africa 2018-06-11
Jaywen Tao Wen yes Syracuse University Syracuse New York United States 2020-01-28
Wilscoli Colin Wilson yes Oregon State University Corvallis Oregon United States 2022-05-13
HandsomeJacky Chen Xu no University of Oklahoma Norman Oklahoma United States 2017-11-29
Kxu Kehui (Kevin) Xu yes Louisiana State University Baton Rouge Louisiana United States 2009-11-13
Myokoz Masayuki Yokozawa yes Waseda University Tokorozawa Japan 2017-07-19
Yss123yss Songshan Yue yes Lab of Virtual Geographic Environment (MOE) Nanjing China 2014-09-29
Jie Jie ZHU yes Duke university Durham, NC North Carolina United States 2021-03-10
Zysight YU Zhang yes Los Alamos National Lab Los Alamos New Mexico United States 2012-10-30
Haiyan Haiyan Zhou yes subsurface insights Rapid City South Dakota United States 2018-09-14
Canz Can Zhou yes Virginia Tech Blacksburg Virginia United States 2019-06-21
Scatanoa santiago cataño-alvarez yes national university (colombia) medellin Colombia 2020-04-02
Kdemutse Kim de Mutsert yes University of Southern Mississippi Ocean Springs Mississippi United States 2016-08-09
HunjHunj ningjie hu yes Duke University Durham North Carolina United States 2020-08-10
Edwardlu taian lu yes OUC Qingdao China 2019-12-18
Lt luting luting yes East China Normal University Shanghai China 2018-08-31
Sojan mathew sojan mathew yes university college dublin Dublin Ireland 2016-09-01
Erexer emily rexer yes PNNL Seattle Washington United States 2022-03-30
Barendvanmaanen Barend van Maanen yes Utrecht University Utrecht Netherlands 2016-06-27
MvSoest Maud van Soest yes Loughborough university Loughborough United Kingdom 2018-12-13
Bvanmaren bas van maren yes Deltares Delft Netherlands 2023-01-06
Jwiener01 jason wiener yes UC Davis Davis California United States 2019-05-28