2024 CSDMS meeting-107


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Comprehensive marsh model development through integration of Landlab and MarshMorpho2D

Thomas Huff, ERDC Vicksburg Mississippi, United States. thomas.p.huff@usace.army.mil
Todd Swannack, ERDC , United States. Todd.M.Swannack@usace.army.mil
Emily Russ, ERDC , United States. Emily.R.Russ@usace.army.mil

Marshes are highly dynamic landscapes that are shaped through feedbacks between hydrodynamic, morphodynamic, and ecological processes. Future marsh resilience is therefore dependent on the interaction between these different drivers rather than any individual piece. Marshes face a variety of threats, both natural and anthropogenic, resulting in a need for restoration actions that increase survivability. Because many of these threats are unprecedented or acting at unprecedented rates, statistical models do not adequately represent future conditions and require process-based models to better capture the complex interactions between both physical and ecological processes. The comprehensive marsh model integrates tidal flow, morphodynamics, and vegetation growth using the python based Landlab toolkit. This model is then applied at a site within the Seven Mile Island Innovation Laboratory complex in coastal New Jersey.