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Visiting Scientists

Apply to be a Visiting Scientist with Us

CSDMS welcomes national and international visiting scientists to work with our team. We are a lively, dedicated and enjoyable group that has successfully hosted visitors for the past 10 years. Although we cannot currently offer funding support, we are able to provide desk space and can assist with logistics of travel, accommodations and the visa process. Visits can range from 1 day to 1+ years. Typically, our visitors participate in team meetings, and are strongly encouraged to present their work at student or institute seminars during the period of their stay. Graduate students (PhD), post docs, research scientists and faculty are encouraged to contact CSDMS at

Please provide a brief description of the work you would like to complete during your visit and, if you are a graduate student, the contact information for your advisor. Your information will be relayed to the Integration Facility Staff for review and approval. Although we do our best to accommodate everyone, we host you for collaboration and to work on research topics synergistic with our capabilities.

Logistics of Your Visit

For visa needs please find more information here: Office of International Education at the University of Colorado

Boulder is a friendly town of about 100,000 people, with excellent bike commuting infrastructure and public transport. CSDMS is located within the Sustainability, Energy and Environments Complex on East Campus (see map).

Short-term visitors usually find accommodation in one of the Boulder hotels. For longer duration visits, you can try to find accommodation through the University Family Housing, or find a private rental property.