Terrestrial Jobs

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Start reviewing: 02-24-2023
Postdoc opportunity - numerical modeling of climate-geodynamics interactions
University of Milano-Bicocca and CEREGE (Aix en Provence, France), France

1 postdoc
Start reviewing: 02-28-2023
USGS Future of Aquatic Flows Postdoctoral Scholar
Indiana University, Indiana, United States

PhD positions
Start reviewing: 03-01-2023
3 PhD positions on catchment water quality, based in Melbourne and Canberra
University of Melbournem, Australian National University, Monash University, Australia

Tenured/Tenure-track faculty
Start reviewing: 03-15-2023
Endowed Chair in Environmental Data Science, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty
Boston University, Massachusetts, United States

(postdoctoral) research position
Start reviewing: 03-25-2023
Post-doc position (22 months) in tsunami and landslide simulations
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris,, France

PhD Position
Start reviewing: 03-30-2023
Fully Funded PhD at University of Canterbury, NZ - Landslide dam hazard and risk
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

PhD Positions
Apply by: 03-31-2023
Two PhD positions at Utrecht University
Utrecht University, Netherlands

Associate Professor
Apply by: 04-01-2023
Professorship for Applied Geology and Modeling of Environmental Systems (Associate Professor), FAU, Germany
GeoZentrum Nordbayern (GZN), Germany

Post-Doctoral Fellowships
Start reviewing: 04-01-2023
3 Post-doctoral Fellowships of 2 years - Geomorphology
Rennes University, France

Postdoctoral position
Apply by: 04-02-2023
Postdoc opportunity at GFZ Potsdam
GFZ Potsdam, Germany

Postdoctoral Researcher
Apply by: 04-03-2023
4 year Postdoc-position - Sedimentary Systems Group - FU Berlin
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Apply by: 04-10-2023
PDRA in numerical modelling & rough-bed rivers, Durham University
Durham University, United Kingdom

Apply by: 04-21-2023
Post-doc modelling landscape evolution and cosmogenic detrital signal in Toulouse
Geosciences Environnement Toulouse (GET), Joint Research Unit of CNRS, IRD, Toulouse 3 University and CNES, France

Post-doc position
Apply by: 04-21-2023
Post-doc position in Critical Zone Science
University of Nebraska, Nebraska, United States

Assistant Professor
Apply by: 04-23-2023
Assistant Professor Urbanising Rivers and Deltas
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Recently posted
Post Doc
Apply by: 05-10-2023
Post Doc in Hydrological Modeling of Alpine Catchments
Technische Universität München, Germany