Terrestrial Jobs

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Analytics & Modeling Analyst
Start reviewing: 04-24-2024
Flood modeler (hydrology / hydraulics / coastal engineering) full-time position at Moody's
Moody's RMS, United Kingdom

PhD Position
Start reviewing: 05-05-2024
Fully Funded 4-Year PhD Position to begin August 2024
University of Memphis, Tennessee, United States

PhD student
Start reviewing: 05-10-2024
PhD position (EPFL) - Ecohydrological modeling for climate-smart agriculture
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland

PhD student
Apply by: 05-23-2024
Open Phd position in fluvial geomorphology- Sweden
Umeå universitet/ Umeå University, Sweden

Research Scientist
Apply by: 05-26-2024
Engineering Geologist / Geomorphologist
GNS Science, New Zealand

Postdoc position & Software Engineer
Apply by: 05-27-2024
postdoc and software engineer positions on food and water security in Asia - Wageningen University, the Netherlands
Wageningen University, Netherlands

Postdoc and PhD
Apply by: 05-28-2024
Fully-funded 4-yr postdoc and 4-yr PhD in physical geography at the University of Innsbruck
University of Innsbruck, Austria

Research Assistant Professor
Apply by: 05-30-2024
Research Assistant Professor in Tectonics, University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

PhD Position
Start reviewing: 05-30-2024
PhD Opportunity – Landscape Evolution of Cultural Heritage Landscapes and Anthropogenic Landforms
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Apply by: 05-30-2024
Postdoc Position at University of Rochester
University of Rochester, New York, United States

Recently posted
Postdoctoral Researcher position
Apply by: 05-30-2024
Postdoctoral position in machine learning in hydrology and water quality at Syracuse University
Syracuse University, New York, United States

Post-doctoral fellowship
Apply by: 06-01-2024
A 2-yr Post-doctoral fellowship on valley width - Rennes/Durham
Rennes University, France

Postdoctoral researcher
Start reviewing: 06-01-2024
Postdoc position (EPFL) - Carbon Removal in Wetland Restoration
Catchment Hydrology and Geomorphology Lab (EPFL), Switzerland

Apply by: 06-01-2024
Postdoc in earthquake and landslide multihazards
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Start reviewing: 06-01-2024
Postdoctoral Research Associate on ensemble hydrometeorological prediction
University of Texas, Arlington, Texas, United States

Recently posted
PhD. position
Start reviewing: 06-02-2024
PhD opportunity at University of Torino, Italy
Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy

Lecturer in Physical Geography
Apply by: 07-01-2024
Two lecturer in Physical Geography positions at the University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Recently posted
Research Scientist
Start reviewing: 07-15-2024
Lamont Assistant or Lamont Associate Research Professor
Columbia University, New York, United States