HPCCprojects:The impacts of vegetation on hydrodynamics and morphology of coastal wetlands, Wax Lake Delta during extreme events

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The impacts of vegetation on hydrodynamics and morphology of coastal wetlands, Wax Lake Delta during extreme events

Project description

The impacts of humans on natural systems are becoming more and more significant in modern times. The critical zone between ocean and land, the deltaic area, which is also the zone supporting most of population on the earth, is undergoing fast changes and becoming a high-risk zone for human society and ecosystem. Coastal Wetlands can slow down the flow velocity, dissipate wave energy, and increase soil critical shear strength, thus protect inland areas from increasing extreme events. This project mainly concentrates on hydrodynamics and morphological changes on the coastal wetlands during short-term extreme events (hurricanes, winter storms, and river floods), and also the river water and sediment changes for long-term period, which accounts for the formation of deltas.


Explore the role of plants during different extreme events on deltaic morphology and human impacts on river long-term water and sediment output variations.


September, 2010 ~ June, 2014

Models in use

HydroTrend Delft3D


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NSF Award nr. 0952116 NSF Award nr. 1135427

Publications and presentations


Fei Xing, Albert J. Kettner, Andrew Ashton, Liviu Giosan,2013. Fluvial response to natural and anthropogenic perturbations for the Ebro River, Spain in the last 4000 years (draft)


Albert J. Kettner, Fei Xing, Liviu Giosan, Andrew Ashton, Carles Ibanez. Are Humans responsible for the existence and possible drowning of (parts of) the Ebro Delta, Spain? AGU, 2010, San Francisco.

Fei Xing, Albert J. Kettner, Mark T. Hannon. Impact of climate changes and human effects on the evolution of the Ebro Delta, Spain in the last 2000 years. Hydrologic Sciences Symposium, 2011, Boulder.

Fei Xing, Albert J. Kettner, Andrew Ashton, Eric Hutton, James Syvitski. Exploring a river-wave dominated delta evolution applying a model-coupling approach. AGU,2011, San Francisco.


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