HPCCprojects:Landscape Evolution for Southern Africa

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Landscape Evolution for Southern Africa

Project description

Predicting the landscape evolution for southern Africa over a 150 my time period. This will be investigated with the erosion model Fastscape (Braun and Willet, 2013) coupled with a thermal module that can predict cooling ages for different thermocrhonometers. It also predicts topography and sedimentary flux volumes of the major river deltas. These model outputs can be compared to real thermocrhonology and sedimentary flux data from southern Africa. The model can also be run as an inversion to decipher which set(s) of model parameters best predict the observed data. From this inversion we can learn about the timing of uplift for southern Africa and also about the relationships between model parameters and therefore about the system. These inversions, especially long ones with many model parameters, are computationally intensive and I am interested in using the HPCC to perform some of these inversions.


Predicting the landscape evolution for southern Africa over a 150 my time period


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