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Coupling CEM and SWAN

Project description

The project aims to incorporate the newest features of CEM into the CSDMS library, focusing on enabling a smooth and efficient coupling between CEM and the nearshore wave model, SWAN. By using SWAN to generate wave fields consumed, CEM will be able to account for dynamic breaking conditions caused by shore curvature and bathymetry, rather than assuming shore-parallel contours.


  • Ensure the CSDMS library has the most recent and extensive version of CEM available for use
  • Model shoreline evolution under a wave climate which is influence by complex bathymetry
  • Explore the interactions between waves, shoreline, and bathymetry
  • Use the coupling to model the evolution of a non-theoretical site


Start date: 18 October 2016

End date: 18 October 2017

Models in use

  • CEM (Coastal Evolution model): An open source CSDMS model owned by Brad Murray (Duke University), written in C, which simulates long term shoreline evolution given a wave climate.
  • SWAN (Simulating WAves Nearshore): A free nearshore wave model developed at Delft University of Technology, written in Fortran, which simulates wave fields across a bathymetric grid over time.


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