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Lake Texoma Project by Tyler Howe

Project description

Fluvio-lacustrine systems are prone to experiencing significant flood events separated by longer low energy periods. During low flow, sediment is stored upstream of the lake as mid channel and side attached bars. During high-discharge events, water level rises above the topographically low delta front levees, the turbulent jet of the river is positioned upstream of the levee terminous where levees are less confining, and the previously stored sediment may be flushed from the channel into the lake basin. This project has mapped lithologic distribution of linear-deltas in both Lake Texoma and Lake Grapevine, TX, USA. Future modeling work will be focused on utilizing historical streamflow data gathered by the USGS to simulate sedimentation during intermittent high flow events to see if we can simulate the aerial distribution of lithofacies we found in the field.


1. Use historical USGS flow guage data combined with bathymmetry surveys as inputs into hydrological models to simulate sedimentation into the Lake Texoma basin.

2. Compare modeled sedimentation geometries with field mapping.


November 2016 - May 2017

Models in use

No current models have been used. Currently entering the modeling phase of this project.

Models expected to use are flow models dealing with bed shear, flow velocity, channel depth and width, sediment grain size variability, and sediment partitioning.


No model results to date. The field work results have defined a new fluvio-lacustrine facies that we are interested in validating with a dynamic surface model.


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This is a master's thesis project with no outside funding.

Publications and presentations

AAPG 2016 http://www.searchanddiscovery.com/abstracts/html/2016/90259ace/abstracts/2383441.html

AAPG 2017 (accepted, pending presentation)


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